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REPORT CONTINUED With its innovative TRESOR PMC ® (Precious Metal Catalyst) cooling lubricant concentrate, MOTOREX has achieved a world first in the metalworking industry. The emulsion underwent years of exhaustive testing, and has won over leading experts and shop-floor machinists alike. The results of bacterial colonization tests conducted on cooling lubricants are clearly visible in the culture growth medium: the weak bacterial colonization on the right (TRESOR PMC ® ) contrasts starkly with the heavy colonization on the left (conventional cooling lubricant). continuing through development and comprehensive field testing all the way to the finished product, every aspect of this new development was examined and all relevant perspectives were closely scrutinized, from strict occupational health regulations and ecological sustainability to the demands for high-tech performance in machine tools. The formula for MOTOREX TRESOR PMC® contains no substances that are hazardous to humans or the environment. Not only is this cooling lubricant entirely • boron-free • bactericide-free • fungicide-free • amine-free, and • chlorine-free, it has also been ranked in the product category least hazardous to water quality, Water Hazard Class 1. This innovative formula already satisfies the even more stringent EU biocide regulations scheduled to come into force as of 2014. GROUNDBREAKING PERFORMANCE AS WELL One of the specifications driving development work was that absolutely no compromise could be made in manufacturing performance. Field testing more than confirmed that this innovative product guarantees very high cutting performance and very long tool life, and thus stands entirely on a par with MOTOREX’s other, well-known SWISSCOOL products. Its performance is further enhanced by the generally low concentrations required, the resultant beneficially low rate of concentration adjustment, and improved tool life. What is more, cost-effectiveness is sustainably improved thanks to significantly lower lubricant consumption, a reduced maintenance requirement and the fact that supplementary chemical additives are no longer needed. COMPREHENSIVE FIELD TESTING WITH CUSTOMERS Following successful field testing in 2007, entire manufacturing centers belonging to innovative customers in Switzerland and abroad were filled with TRESOR PMC®. It goes without saying that, by that point in time, TRESOR PMC® had already successfully passed all clinical tests and met all the objectives specified by its developers. The number of systems using TRESOR PMC® grew quickly, as even our most discerning customers were immediately convinced by the innovative concept. Demand swiftly increased worldwide. NEWLY ERECTED PRODUCTION FACILITIES The sophisticated product formula of TRESOR PMC® requires specialized installations and carefully monitored processes. MOTOREX invested in new production facilities with online monitoring capabilities which are used exclusively to produce TRESOR PMC®. This serves to ensure reliable, industrial-scale production of large quantities and reproducible process programming. • 10

When machining this stainlesssteel component, Lars Schmäder, head of the machining workshop at Enz Technik AG in Giswil, noticed marked improvements on several machining parameters when working with TRESOR PMC ® : IMPROVED PERFOR- MANCE VALUES WITH TRESOR PMC ® 150% 100% 50% 0% 100% Predecessor product 120% TRESOR PMC ® LONG-TERM STABILITY 200% 100% 0% 100% Predecessor product 200% TRESOR PMC ® AVERAGE CONCENTRATION 150% 100% 50% 0% 100% = base Predecessor product Concentration 11% 55% TRESOR PMC ® 6% TRESOR PMC ® IS A HIT WITH CUSTOMERS The MOTOREX Research and Development project team documented all day-to-day production parameters from real-life use by customers and industry specialists, including cooling, filtration, concentration adjustment rates, occupational exposure to germs and machine hygiene. The results were extremely gratifying. Here are just a few testimonials from the extensive positive feedback: PERFORMANCE Excellent cutting performance. “After introducing TRESOR PMC ® , the service life of the indexable inserts improved by an incredible 20% compared to the predecessor product. The cooling lubricant also came through a three-week shutdown over the holiday season problem-free. We were also able to sustainably reduce cooling lubricant concentration levels.“ Lars Schmäder, head of the machining workshop, Enz Technik AG, Giswil SKIN COMPATIBILITY Free of boric acids, amines and microbiocides. “Ever since I started working with the innovative TRESOR PMC ® cooling lubricant, my skin problems have disappeared – this is a fabulous improvement!” Anna Petrovic, employee, Wandfluh Hydraulics & Electronics, Frutigen THE FUTURE IS NOW Technology harboring good future perspectives. (The full interview online at: “I see good future opportunities for a cooling lubricant such as TRESOR PMC ® , which is free of problematic substances and inhibits germ growth by natural means. This has been proved in comprehensive tests at reference production sites. I have already amply alluded to the possible risks posed by biocides in use today, and the cost factor for such products that necessitate back-end monitoring and processing is the object of increasingly critical focus.” Michael Rocker, chemical engineer, Berufsgenossenschaft Metall Nord Süd (BGM), Mainz, Germany TOOL LIFE High long-term stability and substantially extended tool life. “Precision drilling of camshaft bearing bores is an acid test by which we can measure the quality of a cooling lubricant. Many cooling lubricants fail the test owing to their lack of lubricating effect. TRESOR PMC ® scored double points in this regard, because not only did it perform the task outstandingly, it succeeded in doing so at an extremely low concentration level of 6%.” Dirk Sellmer, head of testing and development, MAPAL Dr. Kress KG, Aalen, Germany HARD WATER STABILITY Suitable for use with water of any hardness. “We work with hard water from the municipal mains system and nevertheless achieve excellent emulsion stability with no calcium soap formation. What is more, we have been able to reduce cooling lubricant concentration from 15 to 7% with no loss of quality, even in very demanding machining processes!” Bernhard Münger, head of the machining department, Ernst Roser AG, Berne BG COST-EFFECTIVENESS Very good flow characteristics. “We succeeded in lowering our concentration adjustment rate, and with it consumption by our 9,000-liter system, from 1.5 to 0.8%. The lubricant runs off the workpiece and swarf very well.” Jürg Haltiner, owner of Rätia Mechanik AG, Felsberg MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 11



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