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TOPIC HIGH TECH FOR THE COOLING SYSTEM The latest material combinations in vehicle cooling systems require the right coolants. Two new MOTOREX products provide the answer: MOTOREX G40 and pre-mixed G30 PLUS Ready for Use. Once, we used alcohol diluted with water to keep our coolant from freezing in the winter. Those days are long past, and today’s coolants are expected to fulfill a wide range of functions: MOTOREX rises to the challenge with a range of antifreezes. • protection against corrosion • protection against cavitation • protection against freezing • protection against overheating • heat transfer • resistance to temperature changes • stability in hard water • material compatibility • anti-foaming • protection against deposits ENEMY NUMBER ONE: CORROSION Rust (corrosion) in the cooling system is the worst enemy of any material. And dealing with all the different alloys is quite a job for any coolant. Engine block, cylinder heads and all the various sensors and switches are made of a wide range of different materials with dissimilar surfaces. MOTOREX rises to the challenge with a range of antifreezes that is customized for specific materials and manufacturers’ specifications (see list). SPEAKING OF CAVITATION… Cavitation – the formation of tiny hollow spaces or bubbles within a fluid – is another source of problems. When they burst, they trigger shockwaves in the cooling system that can destroy thin metal walls in the engine block. MOTOREX ANTIFREEZE avoids the problem, as laboratory testing of its cavitation, erosion and corrosion properties shows. These properties can only be tested in the laboratory – all the workshops can measure is the freezing point. 6

MOTOREX ANTIFREEZE PRODUCTS AT A GLANCE Product Color Application Specifications ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G30 PLUS Nitrite, phosphate, amine and silicate free, ethylene glycol based ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G30 PLUS Ready for use Pre-mixed and ready to use ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G40 Nitrite, phosphate and amine free, ethylene glycol based ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G48 Nitrite, phosphate and amine free, ethylene glycol based ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G48 Ready for use Pre-mixed and ready to use Pink Pink Blue ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G30 PLUS provides outstanding protection for modern engines, especially heavy-duty aluminum engines. ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G30 PLUS raises the boiling point to 135°C and provides improved heat conduction. ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G40 provides ideal protection against corrosion for all metals and alloys in the cooling system. Compatible with all common commercial sealants, hoses, elastomers and plastics. ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G48 meets various manufacturers’ strictest specifications for modern high-performance engines. It provides ideal protection against corrosion and is suitable for modern materials. VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA: TL 774-D/F MB approval 325.3 MAN 324-SNF MTU: MTL 5048 SCANIA: TB 1451 VW TL 774-G MB approval 325.0 BMW N 600 69.0 OPEL/GM: B 040 0240 VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA: TL 774-C SAAB: 6901 599 MAN: 324 NF MTU: MTL 5048 KDH: H-LV 0161 0188 LIEBHERR: TLV 035, TLV 23009A JENBACHER: TA-Nr. 1000-0201 SCANIA: TB 1451 Since MOTOREX ANTIFREEZE can only provide its special benefits if used alone, mixing with other coolant products is not recommended COMPLEX CHEMICAL COMPOSITION All MOTOREX ANTIFREEZE products are based on ethylene glycol and inhibitors such as those used to protect rubber components. Depending on the product and use, nitrite, phosphate, amine and silicate additives may or may not be needed. Glycol gives antifreeze a sweet taste, but it is also slightly poisonous. As a result, antifreeze should always be kept well out of the reach of children! Used coolant should always be carefully collected and disposed of properly. CHANGE COOLANT REGULARLY Old coolant not changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications can result in chemical reactions at high temperatures with disastrous consequences. Tiny particles may leach from metal surfaces and form deposits elsewhere. The result is a coating which reduces the diameter of flow channels in the cooling system or may even block them altogether. The product data sheet indicates the right antifreeze and mix for each type of protection. Mix antifreeze with clean, potable water, softened if possible. Intact (l.) and corroded (r.) cylinder head gasket in the coolant channel area Deposits in the water pump on the right are signs of low or improper radiator protection Photos: BASF MANUFACTURERS’ CERTIFICATION Manufacturers’ certifications are particularly important for radiator protection products. Certification is the result of collaboration over a period of years. Experts also recommend avoiding mixing different coolant products. • Cooling element kept clean (l.) by using a high-quality coolant; dirty element (r.) MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2009 7



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