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MOTOREX Magazine 2009 88 EN

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INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE SHARING YIELDS TECHNOLOGY BREAKTHROUGH Mechanical clock movements are all the rage at the moment. Half of a typical ébauche consists of traditional precision-turned parts. Larger parts such as the plate, bridges, and increasingly the watch housing are milled and punched. MOTOREX has developed high-performance machining fluids in a Synergy Project with various production experts from the watchmaking industry. When speaking with production supervisors in the watchmaking industry, one quickly gets a sense of the stringent demands and expectations placed on the current generation of machining fluids. Not only are Free of chlorine and heavy metals – ORTHO universal cutting oils. ORTHO MULTI-PURPOSE CUTTING OIL Several specialists from different fields were brought together in a project group to analyze the needs of the industry. MOTOREX ORTHO high-performance cutting oil also meets another key industry requirement: universality. A growing number of precision turning customers are looking for a single cutting oil to perform a wide range of operations on diverse materials and machines. they required to support ever more extreme technical production specifications, they must also be highly cost-efficient and environmentally safe – a balancing act that can only be achieved through constant dialog between the lubricant supplier and industry practitioners. Free of chlorine and heavy metals, ORTHO universal cutting oils are ideal for a large number of demanding precision turning operations in the watchmaking industry. Many of today’s renowned watchmaking shops and pure movement makers (ébaucheurs) depend on efficient utilization of machine capacity while insisting 14

Blanks are cleaned after machining. MOTOREX ORTHO and ZOOM can both be removed rapidly with absolutely no residue During the Synergy Project, milling results with MOTOREX ZOOM XS were carefully monitored and recorded in a measurement log Whether it’s brass, titanium or high-tensile steels, the watchmaking industry is constantly probing the limits of what’s possible in materials and quality specifications on top production quality. The successful ORTHO cutting oils with integrated Vmax technology, along with many decades of experience, have earned MOTOREX a great deal of trust in the industry. GROWING TREND TOWARDS MICRO-MACHINING Alongside traditional precision turning, micro-machining techniques (milling, drilling, grinding, etc.) are becoming commoner in the watchmaking sector. The variety of materials used here is again astounding. Watchmakers almost seem to be competing to use the hardest-tomachine materials. In striving to make the impossible possible, they are blazing new trails and developing new innovations in watches. By supplying the right fluid technology, MOTOREX is playing an active part. “HORLOGERIE” SYNERGY PROJECT MOTOREX designed ZOOM XS machining fluid to meet the requirements of the current generation of micromachining machines and tools, following up with extensive testing. MOTOREX ZOOM XS is extremely stable under pressure, making it possible to carry out controlled metal-removing operations under any circumstances. The result is top-quality surface characteristics in all materials. Outstanding cooling performance prevents discoloration of the metals. With its exceptionally low viscosity (ISO VG 7), this fully synthetic oil flushes swarf from the narrowest crevices and provides efficient protection against tool wear. MOTOREX will be glad to provide information on the latest generation of machining fluid and potential optimization options for your business. • “A rapidly growing product range” “It’s true that in recent years we’ve seen an accelerating shift in the materials employed. Nowadays we mainly use temperable chrome steels and sulfur-free chrome-nickel-molybdenum steels (316L). Since the technology applied in producing stainless steels and metals is also changing, we now also have the ability to supply the industry with very exclusive materials such as titanium, cobalt chrome, nickel-free and AISI 904L. High-tensile steels such as 1.4441 (implant steel), 1.4472 and Phynox are gaining in importance in the luxury watch segment – but they are much more difficult to work. These days even the smallest precision-turned parts (such as 1.5 mm screws) are made from steels produced using powder metallurgy processes (Law 100 X). Just a few years ago the technology wouldn’t have existed!” Left to right: Philippe and Oliver Schiess, proprietors of L. Klein SA, Biel/Bienne MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2009 15



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