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M o t o r o i l M o t o r o i l Extensive testing by AC Schnitzer During testing the Swiss lubricant specialist was assisted by none other than AC Schnitzer, Germany’s renowned BMW tuning specialist. The result is a lubricant with the best available performance and stability. Thanks to its BOXER motor oil, MOTOREX can now offer fans of the blueand-white brand from Munich a product tailor-made for their bikes. Photo: Touratech AG The BMW Touratech Racing team uses BMW G 450 X racing enduros and MOTOREX in the German Cross Country series. Agile boxing: BOXER 4T SAE 15W/50 8 MOTOREX BOXER 4T SAE 15W/50 was extensively tested by AC Schnitzer, the qualified BMW tuner from Germany. More than 1,000 pages: the Touratech catalogue. Photo: AC Schnitzer Boxer engines require a motor oil with very special characteristics. MOTOREX now offers BOXER 4T SAE 15W/50, a newly formulated motor oil designed specially for all modern BMW boxer models. The BOXER 4T motor oil introduced by MOTOREX two years ago is highly regarded among riders of BMW models with four-valve boxer engines. No wonder, since this lubricant ensures balanced thermal cycling and greatly reduced friction in all moving parts of boxer engines. This maximizes engine performance, minimizes fuel consumption and prevents premature wear. Optimum engine speed stability guaranteed Bikers bore out their engines to achieve an ideal balance between the moving masses in a boxer engine. As a result, a highly stable hydrodynamic lubricant film capable of ensuring maximum engine speed stability under all operating conditions is essential. The high-quality Synthetic Performance motor oil also prevents deposits inside the engine and reduces oil consumption thanks to its low evaporation rate. New viscosity and formula As of now, MOTOREX BOXER 4T will be exclusively available in SAE 15W/50 viscosity, making it suitable for all BMW boxer engines, including the popular 1100 and 1150 models as well as the latest 1200 cc multi-valve generation. But that’s not all: the oil’s composition and molecular structure have been further refined and even better attuned to the technical characteristics of boxer engines, such as air-oil cooling, the separation of engine and transmission lubrication and the arrangement of cylinders and camshafts. The specifications about BOXER 4T SAE 15W/50 • JASO MA • API SL, SJ, SH, SG Worldwide collaboration with Touratech AG When riding off-road both the drive train and the frame of an enduro bike are subject to heavy loads that inflict major stress on the engine, transmission and fork oils, brake fluids and air filter and chain care products. Reason enough for the experienced professionals at Touratech to use MOTOREX high-performance products exclusively. Touratech’s regard for MOTOREX is apparent in the company’s comprehensive thousand-page product catalogue. Offering a wide range of high-quality accessories for distance touring and off-road motorcycle sports, Touratech is synonymous with enduro touring. Touratech distributes MOTOREX products in over 22 countires. Sales channels in each country are supplied by the existing MOTOREX MOTO LINE-importers. Touratech AG – new ideas for your motorcycle When Herbert Schwarz built the first Tripmaster for his own use, he never suspected that in just a few years he and Jochen Schanz would be heading a company with so much future potential. Today that company employs 200 people in Niedereschach at the edge of the Black Forest. The Touratech product line began with the first illuminated bicycle tachometer and aluminum carrying cases built by the company for motorcycle touring. Today Touratech’s product line ranges from luggage systems through special parts for all current BMW enduro cycles and touring enduros of other makes to an extensive outdoor line. The company also does complete modifications like the ReVamp, based on the BMW R 1100 GS/R 1150 GS. Touratech AG is known around the world for innovative ideas and proven motorcycling accessories. Some 200 people work at the company’s headquarters in Niedereschach in Germany, many of them in new product development. 9


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