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To p i c To p i c People who work with release agents daily appreciate the benefits of VOC-free MOTOREX products. Modern release agents: VOC-free wins The innovative CONFORM and PERAFORM release agents are MOTOREX’s response to ever more demanding building technologies and increased environmental awareness. Ideal effectiveness and avoidance of solvents containing VOC also pay off from a business perspective. The latest generation at a glance The following three MOTOREX release agents have a particularly successful track record: MOTOREX CONFORM 5450 BIO Solvent-free, rapidly biodegradable concrete release agent. A special additive reduces friction, enabling optimum filling and dispersal of concrete in all types of formwork. With excellent corrosion-proofing and an innovative additive for de-aeration. Produces no toxic fumes, making it suitable for use in enclosed spaces and in tunnel construction. For high surface quality, e.g. for stained concrete or architectural fair-faced concrete. MOTOREX CONFORM 5100 Solvent-free petroleum-based concrete release agent low in aromatic compounds. High-yield, with excellent corrosion-proofing and innovative additive for de-aeration. For high surface quality. Suitable for all types of formwork as well as exclusive fair-faced concrete. NEW: MOTOREX PERAFORM 5300 Solvent-free petroleum-based concrete release agent. Very high-yield and thus exceptionally economical. Easy to use and suitable for both wooden and plastic formwork. Ideal priceperformance ratio. All products are delivered ready to use in 200 and 25-liter containers. The construction pros in our Technical Customer Service department or your MOTOREX partner will be glad to advise you free of charge. MOTOREX offers the right release agent for every type of formwork/shuttering. 6 The new generation of MOTOREX concrete release agents was tested in large-scale lab and field tests. Today’s ever more sophisticated concrete recipes, often containing a multitude of chemical substances, require a broad knowledge of building chemistry on the part of the release agent producer. For this reason MOTOREX, in collaboration with concrete and formwork producers and users, carries out a wide range of laboratory and field tests. The tried-and-tested product line is continually updated with new additions and replacements for old products. New ingredients and formulas Where in the past the most common commercial release agents used paraffin or naphthene-based refined petroleum products of low to medium viscosity with a high solvent content, today the trend is visibly toward lower environmental impact with the same or even better separation performance. Consequently, thin, rapidly biodegradable base oils or petroleum oils low in aromatic compounds are seeing greater use. Conventional solvents subject to VOC excise taxes have also been greatly reduced or replaced by non-toxic substitutes. This is a relief not just for the environment, but also for users’ budgets. When innovative additives with features that include greatly improved air and water expulsion are used, the improved surface quality of the concrete is immediately apparent to the eye. This characteristic is of particular importance for fair-faced concrete elements. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Volatile organic compounds include benzene, alcohols, acetone and propellants such as propane and butane. They perform various functions, acting as thinners, solubilizers and in drying processes. VOC are among the substances responsible for the formation of low-level ozone. Since January 1, 2000 Switzerland has imposed an excise tax on every kilogram of VOC. Excise tax proceeds are returned to the people in the form of a health insurance premium subsidy. This system is intended to encourage the development of alternative substances to replace harmful VOC. A conventional hydrocarbon molecule (VOC) Outstanding surface results are achieved with VOC-free concrete release agents from the MOTOREX product range. 7



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