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I n d u s t r y Photo: Stryker Spine SA I n d u s t r y 14 Successful production at Stryker Spine SA The high-performance Tornos MultiAlpha 8 x 20 weighs a hefty 12 tonnes and offers numerous configuration options. Parts can be picked up after they are trimmed off and worked on the back using the two counter-spindles. Polyaxial screw for spinal surgery Stryker Corporation is a world leader in orthopedic and medical technology, producing high-tech products on cutting-edge Tornos MultiAlpha 8 x 20 multispindle automatic lathes with ORTHO NF-X at its state-of-the-art plant in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Talking to production facility head Guillaume Finck, one immediately gets a sense of Stryker Spine SA’s passion for innovation. Innovation at Stryker Spine begins in the design phase, is unmistakably present in production, and ultimately informs the successful marketing of the company’s products as well. Market demands are intensifying from one day to the next. And this is true in every respect, from the quality of the parts produced to lower follow-on costs. Producing complex parts requires several separate work operations, often on different machines, and therefore involves multiple tool set-up. This extends throughput times and erodes repeatable precision, thereby substantially raising the cost of producing medical devices, which after all are not mass-market products. A “Formula One” multi-spindle automatic lathe “Repetitive precision is an extremely high priority at Stryker Spine,” Guillaume Finck informs us during our tour of the plant. The forward-looking production solution had to be fast and extremely precise. Stryker Spine found such a solution in the MultiAlpha 8 x 20 from Tornos. This tool has eight motorized spindles with independent speeds and has been specially fitted with combined counter-operation, two programmable manipulators and an integrated part outlet unit. Machining fluid with a broad performance spectrum Stryker Spine works several tons of titanium alloys (soft), stainless steel (hard) and chromium-cobalt (extremely hard) each year. These metals could not be more different, and the same goes for the steps used in working them. All operations, from turning to milling, are performed at the ideal cutting speed using the same cutting oil. These conditions place enormous demands on the cutting oil. Rapid heat dissipation and an integrated cooling system within the oil circulation system are especially important factors in maintaining dimensional precision. Stryker Spine works to tolerances of just one micrometer (one-thousandth of a millimetre). A change of just 1°C in the temperature of the cutting oil would affect the dimensional precision of the workpiece. Before giving MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X the chance to demonstrate its performance potential in practice, Stryker Spine meticulously tested the universal cutting oil against a predefined evaluation grid. The measurement results from the test piece were highly encouraging, showing exceptional precision. The chromium-cobalt piece also displayed excellent surface quality. on the MultiAlpha. “The technology is just right” “We had already done some very good work with MOTOREX ORTHO cutting oil. Its full performance potential really stands out The cutting oil MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X – allows machining of all materials with a single cutting oil – guarantees maximum performance in all processes – reaches working temperature quickly and provides outstanding cooling characteristics – removes swarf without foaming at pressures up to 120 bar – is an ideal lubricant – helps to significantly increase tool life – is easily removed from workpieces – is free of undesirable critical materials. So ORTHO NF-X was an important factor in successfully bringing our new multispindle machining center online.” Guillaume Finck – Plant Manager Stryker Spine SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds As if tailor-made for the MultiAlpha The benefits of MOTOREX Vmax technology in the formulation of ORTHO NF-X are particularly clear on the Multi- Alpha 8x20. The high cutting pressure and ideal cutting speed generates heat between the workpiece and the tip of the tool, and this heat is used to enhance the cutting oil’s pressure stability. This is an especially desirable property in chip-cutting operations. The totally homogenous and stable lubricant film between the tool cutting edge and the workpiece functions as a sort of protective cushion. And the film is only a few thousandths of a millimeter thick! A well-rehearsed team The people at the La Chaux-de-Fonds production site know that the job isn’t finished with the right choice of infrastructure. The specialists at this plant, which holds multiple certifications, are not only highly efficient in production, they also know the importance of service in support of the product. Ongoing information exchange, whether with the machine tool manufacturer or with MOTOREX’s Technical Customer Service department, furthers continual improvement at all levels. We’ll be glad to provide information on the new generation of ORTHO cutting oils and on how your company can improve its performance. In the pursuit of zero defects, precise measurement is standard operating procedure at Stryker Spine. Naturally, machining fluids at Stryker Spine are centrally stored, pumped to the shop floor and dispensed through pistol-grip nozzles. 15



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