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R e p o r t Herons and

R e p o r t Herons and seagulls are faithful companions on the lake. Their reward: a piece of the unwanted bycatch. The men of the Junod family – 87-year-old grandfather André, father Denis and his son Olivier – have been fishing Lake Neuchâtel for three generations. All three share the same love of nature. Professional fishermen through and through 10 The hydraulic power block makes short work of hauling in the 100-meter long, four-meter high nets. The catch in spring is typically small. No cause for worry – summer’s on its way. 6:00 a.m. at the fishermen’s hut on Place des Pêcheurs in Auvernier on Lake Neuchâtel: Denis Junod is on the way to check his nets, which he set the day before at (to the uninitiated) random spots at up to 40 meters’ depth. “Lake Neuchâtel covers an area of about 200 km 2 and can be up to 150 meters deep,” says the fisherman somewhat guardedly. After all, keeping secrets is as much a part of the fisherman’s life as nets and brailers. You have to know where to find them – perch, whitefish, pike, char, lake trout, catfish and all the rest. Junod heads resolutely toward the net buoys. Empty canisters marked with the fisherman’s name make the best and cheapest floats. Professional fishermen, hunters and gatherers Denis Junod has been a professional fisherman for 37 years. It was his father André, who took up fishing as a “professional hobby” on retiring from a career as a watchmaker, who inspired him to go pro. He’s never regretted it – even if success at times means just making ends meet from his earnings… Life as a professional fisherman is like the waves, “sometimes it’s up and then it’s down.” The lake is a perfect place for pondering and philosophizing. You can see it in the 57-year-old Junod, whose own surface is anything but calm — he is restless, follows his instincts, an ever-alert hunter and gatherer. Once he’s done his day’s fishing, he can often be found in Neuchâtel’s abundant forests if the season is right. Collecting mushrooms is yet another of his favorite activities. During morel season, the weather is never too rainy for a day of foraying. Technical helpers lend a hand No, there’s no sign of high tech on this boat. The 80 hp Yamaha four-stroke outboard engine is nearly silent but very powerful. Junod performs minor repair and oil changes on the barely two-yearold engine himself, using MOTOREX MARINE LINE products. He and his son Olivier, who apprenticed as a mechanic and is now also a professional fisherman, have built two hydraulic power blocks, one for each man. A small four-stroke onboard stationary engine drives a hydraulic pump that turns the blocks with hydrostatic power. “Not a bad idea,” says the father with pride in his son’s achievement. The engine is fueled by exceptionally environmentally friendly and low-emission MOTOREX ASPEN 4T. The boat stands still while the nets are being hauled in, and the stationary engine’s exhaust goes straight into the air that Junod breathes. A perfect place to use ASPEN, as are all outboard engines. What goes around comes around “Professional fishing is like farming. Everything is one big cycle, and whatever goes out will eventually come back in,” says Denis Junod with conviction. For this reason he does what he can to protect nature and wildlife. There is no contradiction here, he insists, since as a fisherman and hunter he lives directly from nature. Fortunately his wife also has a part-time job, providing a safety net for his family in case his fishing net should come up empty one day… MOTOREX ASPEN, a good catch MOTOREX ASPEN is a low-polluting alkylate fuel. Alkylation is a process in which clean gases from the crude oil refining process are compressed and polymerized (small molecules converted to large ones). This produces a very clean fuel which is made up of only a small number of substances and is therefore naturally free of hazardous components. The only combustion products are carbon dioxide and water. Thus ASPEN is well-suited to any application where people work in the direct vicinity of an engine. This consigns headaches from toxic emissions to the past once and for all. Benefits of ASPEN two-stroke (with 2% oil admixture) and ASPEN four-stroke gasoline • contains only traces of benzene, aromatic compounds, sulfur and olefins • extremely clean, pollutant-free combustion • very long storage life (open 2 years, closed 10 years) • minimal gasoline vapors • extends engine life • keeps the engine and exhaust clean ASPEN fuel was developed in the late 1980s in Sweden out of concern for forest workers. Since then, numerous further applications for ASPEN have been found. ASPEN fuels are perfect for conscientious users who take responsibility for their own health and that of their employees. A philosophy that’s a perfect match for MOTOREX’s own. Denis Junod hauls just about anything in his hardworking pick-up, from fish on ice to wild pigs to ASPEN fuel. “Respecting nature” – the professional fisherman’s values make environmentally safe ASPEN 4T the clear choice. 11



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