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MOTOREX Magazine 2009 86 EN

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To p i c Photo: Scania

To p i c Photo: Scania To p i c 6 Innovative engine technologies, alternative fuels, and more and more demanding specifications mean that absolutely the right motor oil has to be found for each application. MOTOREX is systematically expanding its range of lubricants by adding three new products: MOTOREX ECO FS, FOCUS CNG and POWER TRIA. New x 3: TRUCK LINE motor oils With its advantageous SAE 5W/30 multigrade viscosity, MOTOREX ECO FS specifically meets IVECO 18-1804 specifications as well as many others. Photo: IVECO Reduced emissions, improved fuel economy and the use of alternative fuels are driving utility vehicle technology forward. For example, engine manufacturers are already getting ready for EURO 6 (which will take effect on September 1, 2014)! Tomorrow’s engines will offer improved fuel economy and better CO2 emissions, which will have an impact on motor oil quality. MOTOREX is adding three new commercial vehicle motor oils to its TRUCK LINE – forward-thinking answers for state-of-theart of engine technology. MOTOREX ECO FS SAE 5W/30 As its name implies, this motor oil is a modern, fully synthetic high-performance lubricant. With its advantageous multigrade viscosity of SAE 5W/30, this oil offers optimal low-friction characteristics and thus better fuel economy than SAE 15W/40 viscosity. Nowadays motor oil grades and change intervals are an important element of any engine design and are taken into ac- count right from the very beginning. With its state-of-the-art formulation and additives technology, ECO FS SAE 5W/30 motor oil has just what it takes to achieve extended oil change intervals. Plus, with its advantageous SAE 5W/30 multigrade viscosity, ECO FS also meets IVECO 18-1804 specifications. Carefully selected, friction-reducing additives and an ideal viscosity class also make ECO FS SAE 5W/30 ideal for utility vehicles that are used in extreme cold. Because of the short time required for lubricant to reach key parts upon startup, cold-start wear can be greatly reduced in vehicles like those used to maintain ski slopes. MOTOREX ECO FS SAE 5W/30 meets ACEA E7, E5, E4; MB-Approval 228.5; MAN M3277; Volvo VDS 3; Safety + Performance: IVECO 18-1804; SCANIA LDF; and DAF HP1/HP2 specifications. MOTOREX FOCUS CNG SAE 10W/40 Compressed natural gas engines require specially formulated motor oils, and they have a greater tendency to build up deposits on pistons and in combustion chambers. In addition, acidic combustion residues can impair lubricant performance. MOTOREX has developed its FOCUS CNG SAE 10W/40 high-grade high-lubricity motor oil for mobile CNG engines in utility vehicles and buses. FOCUS CNG uses Low- SAPS (low sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) and the latest additive technologies. This synthetic performance specialty oil provides ideal lubrication and lasting protection against wear and oxidation for all components. Does your organization use utility vehicles and buses with both natural gas and diesel engines? MOTOREX FOCUS CNG SAE 10W/40 is approved for both CNG and diesel engines: ACEA E7, E6, E4; MB- Approval 228.51; MAN M 3271-1, M 3477, M 3277 CRT; VOLVO VDS-3; RENAULT RXD. MOTOREX POWER TRIA SAE 10W/40 Our third special-purpose oil, MOTOREX POWER TRIA SAE 10W/40, features an optimal cost/benefit ratio and a clearly defined performance profile. It often happens in real life that owners use lubricants that greatly exceed a given engine’s requirements and are therefore economically suboptimal. POWER TRIA synthetic performance motor oil can be used in a wide variety of modern 4-stroke diesel engines, including those with extended oil change intervals. The high additives content in this oil produces the quality level needed to ensure optimal lubrication reliability and wear protection throughout the entire change interval. MOTOREX POWER TRIA SAE 10W/40 meets ACEA E7, E4; API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4; MB-Approval 228.5; MAN M3277; and VOLVO VDS-3 specifications. These three special-purpose motor oils are the product of MOTOREX’s continuing research and development work, and they live up to their names in every respect. They round out the already extensive range of motor oils in the MOTOREX TRUCK LINE, oils that are designed to meet the demands of all manner of applications. Your MOTOREX partner and the Technical Customer Service will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Photo: MB Photo: HJS Photo: Gerber AG, Roggwil CNG vehicles have exhaust emissions far lower than existing limits, and virtually no soot emissions compared with diesel engines. MOTOREX FOCUS CNG is also ideal for engines with diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters. The comprehensive MOTOREX TRUCK LINE of motor oils has the right oil for every utility vehicle. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. 7



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