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I n s i d e Photo: Sandvik P r a c t i c e Nik Ammann is the Deputy Chairman of Management and project manager of the BUCHER-MOTOREX Group’s new information technology solution. He answers some interesting questions on the successful roll-out of SAP at this beginning of this year. IT moving into a new dimension Wherever impact drills are used, extreme demands are placed on man and machine. MOTOREX’s ROTAC impact drill oils are a response to the new generation of even higherperformance machines. Lubricating impact drills the right way 14 Adapted hardware: It now has six times more storage capacity and 20 times greater computing power than before. Now area managers can use their laptops to log into the MOTOREX mainframe computer from the mobile telephone network. MOTOREX magazine: “Mr. Ammann, since January 1 of this year MOTOREX has been using a new IT solution. What is the main goal of this change?” Nik Ammann: “MOTOREX works in a very innovative, technology-oriented market. The IT solution that we were using previously was at the limits of its capabilities as regards performance and flexibility. The purpose of the new SAP solution is to have an open, future-oriented system that is always able to handle increasing demands in the best possible way. No industry demonstrates more clearly than IT that change is a fact of life.” MOTOREX magazine: “In the past we had a large number of independent systems. Now all these systems have been networked. What are the advantages?” Nik Ammann: “Let me give you an example. In the past, for example, when we wanted to manufacture a product, calculate the associated costs, and then sell it, we had to access and compile information from various systems that were all working independently of each other. Today, these parameters all interact with each other, making the entire system more transparent and more effective.” MOTOREX magazine: “To what extent did customers notice the changeover too?” Nik Ammann: “Actually, after working on the project for nearly two years, our goal was for the customer not to notice any change (he grins). And we were largely successful. All of the areas were able to work, produce, deliver and bill without any disruptions. During the changeover we set up an IT task force command post in Langenthal with up to 20 specialists. The entire launch was supported and overseen from this command post.” MOTOREX magazine: “Can you tell us some of the advantages of the new system?” Nik Ammann: “Gladly. Apart from the many new options for internal workflows, the new options for area managers and the associated customer benefits are highly interesting. For example, a salesman in the field can log in from his laptop using the mobile phone network and enter and download data. He can check the availability of a product and obtain information on the status of an order any time he wants. It’s astonishing how large a role IT now plays in every product and in every operating step!” MOTOREX magazine: “Any final words?” Nik Ammann: “We have put a lot of energy into this future-oriented project and into coming up with just the right solution. The successful on-time launch was a great success for everyone involved and for the BUCHER MOTOREX Group as a whole. It certainly also proves that team spirit is alive and well at MOTOREX, and that by working together we can achieve great things. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this success.” Stefan Zürcher, industry manager in the TEC department of Avesco AG, is fully conversant with the wide range of demands that are placed on impact drill oils. Avesco rents out a number of drilling rigs for underground and surface applications. With his specialized knowledge, Stefan distinguishes between purely pneumatic and pneumatic/hydraulic systems. As a rule, hand-held drilling systems are purely pneumatic. The impact and rotation are generated in the drill by compressed air from a compressor at a pressure of 5–6bar. In the more complex hammering and drilling systems on the other hand, impact and rotation are accomplished hydraulically. Extreme demands on impact drill oils In all large-scale mining machines, the impact system is driven hydraulically. The forces that are transferred to the insertion ends of the drilling linkage and the entire rotational drive are extreme. The impact drill oil that travels in finely atomized form with the compressed air through channels Lubrication schedule impact drill oil mist that extend to the tip of the drill has to perform various tasks: It has to lubricate and cool all the bearing points in the moving parts. In addition, it must bind up, intermix with and remove water condensate. The pressure flushes the material that abrades from the rods and the rock out of the system and prevents impurities entering the impact drill from the outside. In high-performance mining machinery, the impact hammer oil is circulated using a forced lubrication system. In a large drilling rig, for example, about 250 g of lubricant is used every hour. The precise feed and regular blending injection of the oil is monitored electronically. MOTOREX ROTAC and ROTAC SYNT MOTOREX’s two high-quality impact drill oils, ROTAC and ROTAC SYNT, meet all the requirements of today’s mining systems. These oils offer highly reliable lubrication, protect against wear and freezing, and cool working components. They also offer an extremely linear viscosity/temperature behavior, which permits very precise feed. ROTAC SYNT, which is fully synthetic, also biodegrades quickly. A forced lubrication system ensures a regular supply of impact drill oil. An electronic system monitors the system continuously. This expensive impact drill rotary drive part gives the specialist clear information on the performance of the impact drill oil. 15



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