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W h a t ’s n e w

W h a t ’s n e w Photo: Hasliberg-Bahnen AG W h a t ’s n e w With ascents to well over 3,000 meters in the space of a few minutes, dependable top performance is a must for Alpine infrastructure. The demands on lubricants and service fluids are equally severe. The MOTOREX ALPINE LINE and the professional services provided along with it are opening the door to success for a growing number of customers. Photo: Bergbahnen Engadin/St. Moritz AG MOTOREX ALPINE LINE – all aboard! Prinoth/Leitner snowcats with cable winches are used to condition the extremely steep FIS ski-run in St. Moritz. Volunteers needed… The performance of modern Alpine transportation infrastructure is improving rapidly. Everything is faster, more comfortable and more spectacular. Minimizing operating costs and, above all, preventing malfunctions have become fundamental requirements for staying competitive. MOTOREX has long been familiar with the extreme demands placed on lubricant technologies in the Swiss Alps. Its innovative and comprehensive ALPINE LINE has been a success in one region after another. The majority of cableways in the Engadin recently switched to the product line in the green barrel. So did the Zermatt cableways, including the highest vantage point in Europe accessible by suspended cable car. Groundbreaking innovation As developing infrastructure and manufacturers’ binding specifications demand a steady stream of innovative lubricant products, MOTOREX researchers and engineers are constantly on the lookout for new and superior products. For example, the specialists from Langenthal are focusing on the service life and environmental compatibility of certain lubricants. Added services such as lubrication plans and integrated lab analysis provide valuable extras for easier handling and comprehen- Experts answer your questions MOTOREX’s Technical Customer Service is at home in the world of Alpine infrastructure, counting numerous experienced specialists among its members. If you have any questions, please contact your MOTOREX representative or our Technical Customer Service in Langenthal. Arnold Zuppiger Head of Technical Customer Service or phone +41 62 919 75 75 sive management. These are innovations that provide direct benefits for every user. Solutions for every application MOTOREX has designed the ALPINE LINE to fully cover every application, providing one-stop shopping for all lubrication system operation and maintenance products. This not only makes purchasing and getting advice easier, but also simplifies logistics. Rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES has given rise to one report of success after another in the field of hydraulic oils. It is the ideal product for snowcats and all outdoor hydraulic systems. A growing number of companies are using environmentally friendly, long-life OEKOSYNT HEES. It meets the specifications of many leading manufacturers, including A4VSO125 approval from Bosch Rexroth. Also available: COREX POLAR/HOTZ HYDRO-LYT special hydraulic oil for safety components. Many cableway builders insist on this product for brake hydraulics, with specifications and approvals to match. From motor to cable Whether for stationary or mobile engines, MOTOREX offers the ideal lubricants for every application in its high-quality, hightech motor oils. Snowcats, which are often equipped with Mercedes-Benz ® engines, frequently require a manufacturer’s approval such as MB 228.51 or 228.5. MOTOREX FOCUS 4 meets these standards, and as a lowSAPS motor oil is perfect at viscosity SAE 10W/40 for the stringent thermal demands of this application. Cable lubricants are another important product category. MOTOREX CABLE PROTECT ensures maximum safety by protecting cables against corrosion and wear. CABLE PROTECT is safe for the plastics and rubbercomposite materials commonly used in cable pulleys and traction sheaves. Proper cable care can extend the life of wire rope cables and demonstrably reduce costs. A comprehensive product range comprising compressor oils, technical greases, sprays, etc. is guaranteed to meet all your needs. Clear customer benefits A broad product range, long years of experience with mountain cableways and the specially designed Alpine lubricants of the ALPINE LINE offer a compelling solution. Outstanding advice from capable sales managers and technical service staff is an added benefit. As a total package, the ALPINE LINE has helped many a cableway build a well-oiled success machine. Photo: Silvaplana Tourism Board MOTOREX CABLE PROTECT protects cables against corrosion and wear and is safe for common plastic and rubber composites. Properly conditioned ski runs are a pure thrill. But the conditioning takes many hours of snowcat work. 7



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