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News News Bimota® Spain

News News Bimota® Spain starts with MOTOREX In Spain, MOTOREX has been the recommended lubricant supplier for Bimota ® motorcycles since the start of 2008. Manufactured in Rimini, Italy, these bikes have developed something of a cult PROFILE R-XL SAE 5W/30 - c ’est très Renault®! This new high-tech motor oil with MOTOREX’s groundbreaking low-ash technology is ideal for all Renault vehicles requiring ACEA C4, A3/B4 or Renault ® RN 0720 oils. It can be used in diesel engines Innovation with potential: MOTOREX ORTHO HYDRO MOTOREX AG scored a world first at the AMB trade show in Stuttgart with its innovative ORTHO HYDRO hydraulic oil for machine tools. This high-performance hydraulic fluid was developed alongside the groundbreaking MOTOREX ORTHO cutting oils with v max Technology and harmonizes perfectly with their chemical composition. It is also approved to DIN 51524/T2 standards and does not Photo: Renault® following among motorcycle connoisseurs. MOTOREX and distributor Rexoli Motor S.L. recently introduced MOTOREX products to Spanish aftermarket dealers with great success during a presentation of the latest Bimota ® models at the Circuito Albacete in sunny Andalusia. Bimota ® uses the famous Ducati ® engines, such as the latest four-valve, 1099 cc Testastretta Evolution-V2. MOTOREX recommends racing-tested fully synthetic POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 for this engine type. with or without a diesel particulate filter and in gasoline engines with a catalytic converter. MOTOREX PROFILE R-XL provides lasting protection against wear and is highly resistant to aging and oxidation. Its hightech LongLife formula also extends intervals between oil changes to up to 30,000 km and helps save fuel while lowering exhaust emissions. MOTOREX PROFILE R-XL SAE 5W/30 can be used in all engines requiring ACEA C4-07 and A3/B4-04 specifications. negatively affect the performance of the cutting oil when mixed, allowing work in the optimum performance range with a sharp improvement in tool service lives. Your MOTOREX partner and technical service department will be glad to provide any information you need on the subject of hydraulics in machine tools. Photo: K.R. Pfiffner AG Photo: Bosch Rexroth AG/Doppelmayr Approvals for ALPINE GEAR OIL Cable car gears are subjected to extreme loads. Only a quality API GL-5 class gear oil with special high-pressure additives such as MOTOREX ALPINE GEAR OIL guarantees a durable lubricant layer. This petroleum-based SAE 80W/90 gear lubricant’s proven formula provides ideal protection against wear and corrosion for the edges of gear teeth and all moving parts in funicular drives, even during extended downtimes. In addition to the Doppelmayr ® PS OEL 001 approval, MOTOREX ALPINE GEAR OIL also officially meets the stringent requirements of gear and hydraulic manufacturer Bosch Rexroth ® . ALPINE GEAR OIL SAE 80W/90 is ideal for use in cable car gears and final drives from all manufacturers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions also on manufacturers’ specifications. CAR LINE goes to South Korea South Korea has long been enjoying strong economic growth. This means that a constantly increasing number of premium automobiles from the West is to be seen on the country’s roads. YoungJin Sang-Sa Co. has recently started importing the MOTOREX CAR LINE, filling a genuine market gap with these high-quality lubricants, because, like everywhere else, top-of-the-range cars in South Korea have to use lubricants that meet manufacturers’ specifications. MOTOREX’s CAR LINE satisfies the requirements and specifications of all current vehicle makes. And, just in passing, the MOTO LINE and BIKE LINE are also a big hit in South Korea; in fact MOTOREX’s BIKE LINE is even market leader. We wish YoungJin Sang-Sa Co. every success. The pulse of the industry: INTERMOT ’08 MOTOREX ROTAC hammer drill oils Hammer drill oils are used in pneumatic hammer and drill systems. Operating at up to 3,000 strokes per minute, these tools need highly effective lubrication and cooling of all moving parts to keep working smoothly. Applying the latest research, MOTOREX has updated the formulas of its hammer drill oils, offering two top-quality prod- sive MOTO LINE, various new products and many racing triumphs. For the five days leading up to Sunday, October 12, the eyes of the motorcycle and scooter world were fixed on Cologne. The fair was a tremendous success, with the city – traditionally a biker stronghold – playing host to 200,000 visitors from 110 countries for the first time. Over 1,100 companies filled the 100,000 m 2 of exhibition space. A great opportunity to establish and cultivate contacts with customers, producers, importers and distributors. Once again crowds thronged the MOTOREX booth at INTERMOT, this year’s major international motorcycle trade fair in Cologne, Germany. MOTOREX had an impressive line-up with its comprehenucts under the names MOTOREX ROTAC and ROTAC SYNT. MOTOREX ROTAC (ISO 46 and 100) is petroleum-based, while rapidly biodegradable ROTAC SYNT (ISO 10 and 18) is fully synthetic. Both products offer many benefits. Please contact your MOTOREX partner in your country and ask him about the availability of MOTOREX ROTAC now. New: ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G40 for VW® The new ethylene glycol–based coolant ANTI- FREEZE PROTECT G40 is free of nitrites, phosphates and amines. It provides outstanding protection against freezing, rust and overheating for all modern engines, particularly highly stressed aluminum-block engines. It also prevents corrosion and sediment build-up in the cooling system. ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G40 lasts at least two to four years, depending on manufacturers’ specifications. Regular coolant changes are not a luxury – corrosive substances can form as antifreeze action and corrosion inhibitors gradually lose their effectiveness under high temperatures. ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G40 also meets the new VW TL 774-G standard. Antifreeze products must always be used in compliance with manufacturers’ specifications and prescribed concentrations. 4 5



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