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Editorial Contents 11

Editorial Contents 11 World Champions / Vice World Champions CONGRATULATIONS! Our World Champions: Tyla Rattray, Motocross MX2 • Sven Breugelmans, Motocross MX3 • Samuli Aro, Enduro III • Mat Rebeaud, Freestyle X-Fighter-Series • Bernd Hiemer, Supermoto • Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, Bike Marathon Our Vice World Champions: Tommy Searle, Motocross MX2 • Ivan Cervantes, Enduro I • Juha Salminen, Enduro II • Marko Tarkkala, Enduro III • Karin Moor, Bike Trial Yet another extremely successful racing season for MOTOREX riders comes to an end. The eleven World or Vice World Championship titles are only the tip of the iceberg: countless titles in other series, national titles and many other excellent results complete the picture. MOTOREX’s commitment to motor sport is about much more than these titles: it is about the continuous improvement to our outstanding products and the benefits this brings for customers – the benefits for you. MOTOREX - Challenge the Limits! “MOTOREX – liquid value in a green barrel” Dear customers, partners and employees, That rolling, rumbling sound is another empty “Swiss-made” barrel being unloaded from a truck onto the slide down to the filling lines in the production cellar. Labeled with the right batch code, it will take just 30 seconds to fill with 200 liters of liquid value. Sealing the barrels is the symbolic crowning touch of the entire production process. It has taken a great deal of thought and hard work from many MOTOREX employees to get this far. Apprentices, workgroups and their supervisors, management and Board of Directors, up to and including the family that owns the company, all have made the MOTOREX philosophy a part of their lives. Exceptional personal dedication runs like a “green” thread through the entire organization. The MOTOREX way doesn’t depend on a casino strategy or on miraculous handouts from the government or some hedge fund. Over 250 people are happy to dedicate a major part of their lives to our company. They don’t just “make money,” they create real value. And our employees are entitled to equal value in return: safe jobs, healthy business growth, proper performance-based pay, dignity and respect and a substantial contribution to a happy existence. That is what we live for and will never cease to strive for! Monique Regenass-Bucher, Chairman of the Board, MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL Peter Regenass-Bucher, Chairman of the Board, BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL Photo: Bergbahnen Engadin/St. Moritz PAGE 16 IMPRESSUM PAGES 8/9 Motor oil MOTOREX conducted a study to determine the effects of renewable components in biodiesel on motor oil. A summary of the very interesting lab and field test results. MOTOREX® and all employed product names are internationally protected trade marks. No responsibility is accepted for printing errors or changes in the technical data. Practice Motorbike pros depend on conscientious winter storage with MOTOREX for a healthy winter sleep and a smooth start in the spring. Editor: BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL MOTOREX Lubrication CH-4901 Langenthal Tel. ++41 (0)62 919 75 75 Fax ++41 (0)62 919 75 95 PAGES 6/7 What’s new Safety and optimized maintenance costs are two indispensable success factors for every Alpine infrastructure operator. MOTOREX offers a perfect solution in the ALPINE LINE. MOTOREX NEWS 4/5 Bimota Spain starts with MOTOREX Innovation with potential: ORTHO HYDRO PROFILE R-XL SAE 5W/30 – c’est très Renault! Approvals for ALPINE GEAR OIL New! ANTIFREEZE PROTECT G40 coolant A look back at INTERMOT ’08 MOTOREX ROTAC hammer drill oils CAR LINE goes South Korea WHAT’S NEW 6/7 To the summit of success with MOTOREX ALPINE LINE MOTOR OIL 8/9 Results of the MOTOREX study “effects of biodiesel” on motor oils RACING 10/11 Retrospective and results of the 2008 racing season EXPORT 12 Portrait of MOTO LINE importer Ariete Holland PRACTICE 13 A hot mission: hydraulic fluids in hydrostats INDUSTRY 14/15 Better performance: small parts with great potential HIGHLIGHT 16 Proper winter storage of motorcycles HYDRAULICS 17 Interview on experience with OEKOSYNT HEES in a forest harvester BOX 18 Cool ideas Did you know… Comic Design, redaction and art direction: AESCHLIMANN, Advertising Concepts and PR GmbH, Muri/Berne Translation: BMP Translations AG, Basel Graphics and prepress: Sicolith AG, Liebefeld/Köniz Printing: Dietschi AG, Druck & Medien, Olten Text contributions may be used when source is indicated. Customer service by phone. Advice and problem solving also in German, French and Italian. Cover picture: PistenBully 400 3



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