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I n d u s t r y I n d u s t r y Productivity: small parts with great potential Over 15,000 of this four-millimeter part are manufactured every day. Four times a day, six parts (one per spindle) are measured for precision. A diesel injection pump requires no fewer than three spring plates. To ensure a continuous supply to the production plants, Lüsslingen-based Aeschlimann AG Décolletages manufactures 15,000 of these precision parts every day. Aeschlimann Décolletages AG was founded over 70 years ago and, as an entrepreneurmanaged bar-turning business, has built a wealth of specialized expertise and a loyal customer base over the past seven decades. Now, the staff of 160 apply their skills and knowledge to serving an international clientele. The company also recognized at an early stage that close collaboration with raw material, tool, machine tool and machining fluid specialists could be used to drive ongoing innovation. control. This means that every spindle runs at the same speed during all six operations. Thus the ideal speed for all of the following operations had to be established: Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Centering/planing Roughing/profile cutting Pre-reaming/transverse cutting Final reaming/chamfering Pre-cutting for main cutting Main cutting and gripping about 12,800 units the two cutting blades had become worn or “round,” affecting the Ra value (surface quality). The switch to MOTOREX ORTHO Every machining parameter was reviewed once more – without success. The only parameter left to modify was the machining fluid. After consulting with the MOTOREX technical service and a visit from the regional manager, the company switched to ORTHO NF-X universal high-performance cutting oil. The decision to cool the oil and machine to a steady 30°C had a beneficial effect on the entire production process. Within the first eight hours it became clear that the machines filled with MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X ISO 15 were showing reduced tool wear in various operations. Carlo Secchi watched eagerly for the initial results of outer taper measurements of the first spring plate manufactured with ORTHO NF-X. Cycles increased from 10 to 11 The measurement results were highly encouraging, showing exceptional precision. The surface quality of the case-hardened 16MnCrS5 steel part was especially good. Next the speed was gradually in- A quantum leap in technology creased, raising the number of cycles from 10 to 11 per minute. The heat generated between workpiece and tool tip by the higher cutting pressure and speed was used deliberately to improve stability at high pressures, an approach made possible by a special formulation in ORTHO NF-X. This delivers substantial benefits during chip-cutting operations. The 10% increase in performance and marked improvement in surface quality are testimony to this achievement. Valuable teamwork with MOTOREX MOTOREX’s plausible reasoning and solution-driven approach showed the people in charge at Aeschlimann Décolletages that machining fluid in 2008 is worthy of heightened attention. Measurable changes were recorded after the machine was filled with MOTOREX cutting fluid. Cost accounting also revealed that the new cutting oil and enhanced productivity were having a surprisingly strong positive effect on profitability. Multispindle team leader Carlo Secchi is a master of the bar-turning trade. He has worked at the company for 35 years. The control cams transmit the required linear or radial control pulses to each tool and spindle. On cam-controlled automatic lathes Cam-controlled multispindle automatic lathes remain a good choice for high-volume manufacturing of small parts. At Aeschlimann, many components such as the spring plates shown here are produced on Tornos SAS 16.6 automatic lathes from bar stock with diameters of up to 16.0 mm. However, the numeric control (NC) systems of these multispindle automatic lathes are only capable of governing speed and cam Critical final phase for tools It was multispindle team leader Carlo Secchi, a 35-year veteran of Aeschlimann Décolletages, who brought the need to optimize tool service lives to the attention of MOTOREX. By the end of a production run, often during the night shift, tool cutting edges would regularly become so badly worn that dimensional accuracy and especially surface quality would suffer. After «I was impressed with the results achieved with MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X. Previously I felt that cutting oil, apart from dissipating heat and carrying away swarf, merely coated the workpiece. Now the performance capabilities of these complex formulas can be demonstrated directly on the machine tool. I also consider the universal nature of ORTHO NF-X, its suitability for all common materials, to be another major advantage.» Rolf Bläsi – Director, Aeschlimann Décolletages, Lüsslingen Spring plate The bar loader provides fully automated loading, enabling highly efficient production even during unmanned shifts. 15



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