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E x p o r t Photos:

E x p o r t Photos: Ariete P r a c t i c e 12 Ariete is Italian for Aries. Typical characteristics of people born under this sign of the zodiac are endurance and perseverance – two qualities that Frank van Tulder and his team possess in spades as a MOTO LINE importer. Ariete Holland: a star in the motorcycle zodiac Frank van Tulder, Ariete’s owner, has been the specialist trade’s successful exclusive supplier for many years. The motorcycle lifts in MOTOREX colors are impossible to miss. Ariete has placed them in many motorcycle workshops. Frank van Tulder was destined to have a passion for motorcycles right from birth. In 1958 his family was the first European importer for Honda and other renowned makes. After a few years in his parents’ business, van Tulder founded his own company, Ariete Holland. In Italy Ariete is known as a producer of quality plastic motorcycle parts. A collaboration in this field gave the young Dutch company its name. Technical expertise as a successful strategy Ariete Holland imports and distributes only technical components for street and offroad motorcycles. The company serves some 800 customers throughout Holland. Ariete is committed to top quality. “It pays off in the long run,” says Frank van Tulder with conviction born of many years’ experience – a philosophy in complete agreement with MOTOREX’s own. Thus Ariete has successfully imported the comprehensive MOTOREX MOTO LINE to the Netherlands since 2000. The entire team’s high level of technical expertise is an unequalled success factor. Three salespeople, all trained motorcycle mechanics, call on customers and furnish advice. Eschewing high-pressure sales tactics, they prefer to rely on qualified advice and problem-solving. This approach has won Ariete many customers and secured a strong position for MOTOREX in the fiercely contested lubricant market. Diverse activities The Dutch racing enthusiast first became aware of MOTOREX through the Swiss company’s involvement in motocross. As chairman of the International MX Grand Prix Organizing Committee in Lierop, Frank van Tulder is well acquainted with the motorsport scene. MOTOREX occupies a prominent place at the Lierop Grand Prix along the racecourse, on TV and in the engines of the various teams. Ariete also commands a strong presence in motorcycle workshops. Lubricants are delivered to these shops in large packages, barrels and 1,000-liter containers. And Ariete uses the unmistakable MOTOREXgreen hydraulic motorcycle lifts as a promotional tool. MOTOREX also has an official mission in the Netherlands in the cycles of the Rijksheer, the Dutch motorcycle troops, where Ariete has delivered convincing proof of Swiss quality by reducing high oil consumption. Continual growth Buoyed by several years of steady growth, Ariete is determined to stick to its strategy of supplying specialist retailers exclusively. Personal commitment, technical know-how, trustworthiness and fairness are the four pillars of Ariete’s business, says Frank van Tulder. As solid as MOTOREX itself. Hydrostatic drives have become widespread, used in many types of construction, utility and forestry machinery as well as snowcats and agricultural vehicles. The technology has many advantages: a modular design, i.e. flexible connections between the input and output drive, and ease of adaptation to spatial constraints. Tubes and hoses serve to connect the motor and pump and can be routed as required. The output drive is also capable of a very wide and continuous range of speeds. High efficiency and the ability to easily produce very high torque at low RPMs are a must for many types of machinery. Under strong pressure: the hydraulic fluid Hydrostatic drives are often the ideal method of transmitting energy. To function flawlessly they require the proper hydraulic fluid. Axial piston pumps (main illustration) are used almost exclusively with fluid hydraulics where high pressures are required. These pumps are subject to strong friction forces, and the hydraulic fluid is forced under high pressure (up to 400 bar!) through bores a few tenths of a millimeter wide. The medium not only transmits the force but must also lubricate and cool the parts at the same time. Skilled MOTOREX COREX SYNT Many producers of hydrostatically powered vehicles struggle with high temperatures in the hydrostats. MOTOREX recently demonstrated sustained thermal optimization of a machine’s hydrostatic drive using COREX SYNT HV ISO 68. This result is due to the unusually flat viscosity-temperature curve of fully synthetic COREX SYNT HV ISO 68 hydraulic fluid. This means that the oil’s kinematic viscosity behavior is linear over a temperature range from –20°C to 140°C (see V-T diagram). Bosch-Rexroth ® , for example, prescribes an operating viscosity of 16 to 36 mm 2 /s for optimum efficiency and service life of axial piston pumps. If an unsuitable oil becomes too thin (< 5 mm 2 /s) in extreme conditions, it can no longer transmit power, leading to excessive wear or equipment damage. COREX SYNTH’s high shear stability and good high-pressure properties allow it to be used for up to 2,000 hours or longer, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. Quality additives protect the fluid from changes and the system from corrosion. A highly interesting if challenging topic. The specialists at MOTOREX technical customer service can provide professional advice for all your needs – even in problem cases! Hydrostatic drives convert an engine’s mechanical power into hydraulic force using a pump. This energy is transmitted by the hydraulic fluid and transformed back into mechanical power in hydromotors. A hot mission: hydraulic fluid in hydrostats Regular cleaning of the hydrostat’s oil cooler is especially important for balanced temperature control. 10000 5000 3000 2000 1000 500 400 300 200 Kinematic viscosity in mm 2 /s 100 80 60 50 40 30 20 15 Viscosity-temperature diagram Designation 40°C 100°C VI MOTOREX COREX SYNT 68 68.50 11.40 161 Reference oil HLP 68 68.00 8.80 102 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 Temperature in °C MOTOREX COREX SYNT HV ISO 68 The COREX SYNT HV ISO 68 diagram shows its extremely flat viscosity curve (the red one). 13



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