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W h a t ’s n e w W h a

W h a t ’s n e w W h a t ’s n e w Photo: Audi MOTOREX DIESEL IMPROVER Improves the combustion properties of diesel fuel on all fronts. The additive improves fuel flow behavior at low temperatures and cleans and protects the entire fuel system. DIESEL IMPROVER also exhibits outstanding antifoaming properties and an integral cetane booster. Especially for low-sulfur diesel fuel. 250 ml, 1 l MOTOREX WINTERPROOF Winter diesel additive. Prevents formation of paraffin crystals and flocculation of diesel fuel, improving fuel flow at low temperature; lowers the pour point. Prevents freezing of water condensation. 1 l and 200 l (not illustrated) Targeted effectiveness: the new MOTOREX additives Real-world practice continually reveals new situations that call for just the right additive. MOTOREX has tightened up its assortment of additives and focused on fuel additives. Used judiciously, additives still have a firm place in every professional shop. Maintenance plans for the latest gasoline and diesel engines alike call for regular use of fuel additives. The updated additive line from MOTOREX consists of six fuel additives and two motor oil additives. Photo: Audi Fuel additives MOTOREX SYSTEM GUARD Fuel system protection. Efficiently cleans and dissolves deposits throughout the fuel injection system. Improves corrosion protection and binds water. Suitable for gasoline and diesel injection systems. Extended service life up to 10,000 km. 125 ml, 250 ml, 5 l, 25 l, 60 l, 200 l MOTOREX FUEL STABILIZER High-grade fuel oxidation protection for conserving fuel over protracted periods of storage (e.g. over winter). Ensures that the engine runs smoothly after being taken out of storage and protects the entire system against rust and corrosion. Suitable for gasoline and diesel systems. Acts for up to six months. 125 ml, 250 ml MOTOREX VALVE GUARD Lead substitute. For use in older engines designed to run on unleaded regular and super gasoline. Replicates the lubricant effect of lead, prevents deposits, protects valve seats. 250-ml squeeze bottle (not illustrated) GROTAMAR 71® Stops bacterial infestation of diesel fuel, preventing biosludge, filter clogging, engine failure and corrosion. Microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi) can get into the fuel anywhere between the refinery and the vehicle, multiply and form biosludge. GrotaMar 71 ® also decontaminates the entire system. GrotaMar 71 ® is tested and recommended by leading engine manufacturers. 500 ml, 10 l Motor oil additives MOTOREX CHARGE Stops oil leakage. Reduces oil consumption, regenerates rubber crank, cam and valve guide seals and o-rings. Boosts viscosity without altering low-temperature characteristics. 250 ml MOTOR CLEANER Oil system cleaner. Cleans the entire motor oil system. Loosens sludge, eliminates noise from hydraulic valve lifters, keeps impurities and deposits in suspension. 250 ml Do you have questions about MOTOREX’s new range of additives? Ask your MOTOREX partner or our customer service department. Practical bulk container for workshops The small containers shown in this article are intended for once-only use in workshops or direct sale to end customers. However, bulk containers can be supplied for workshops that regularly use additives. The available sizes can be found in the product descriptions. 6 7



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