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MOTOREX Magazine 2008 83 EN

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R e p o r t Photos:

R e p o r t Photos: Rinspeed R e p o r t Meet the Rinspeed sQuba Open two-seater diving car. Also runs autonomously at the push of a button – without driver or passenger. With built-in air supply for dives to a depth of 10 meters. Absolutely no emissions thanks to zero-emission technology. Dimensions Length 3,785 mm Width 1,940 mm Height 1,117 mm Weight approx. 920 kg Specifications Top speed up to 120 kph Speed in water up to 6 knots Speed under water up to 3 knots A clean fish: Rinspeed sQuba Every year the press, industry specialists and the general public gather around the Rinspeed exhibit at the Geneva Motor Show. This year they were crowding to see the sQuba. To make the sQuba a true zero-emission submersible car, Rinspeed was reliant on rapidly biodegradable lubricants and MOTOREX know-how. Engines Drive engine 1, electric, 37 kW Rear propellers 2, electric, 0.8 kW Diving, front jet 2, electric, 3.6 kW Batteries lithium-ion, 4 x 48 volt Drive Rear-wheel drive with three-speed transmission (D – N – R) For more information and photos see The LubrisQuba project team was formed at MOTOREX to supply Rinspeed with solutions for lubricating the sQuba properly. The sQuba’s many capabilities mean that some moving parts that need to be lubricated are exposed directly to water. The collaboration between MOTOREX lubricant specialists and Rinspeed was conceived as a project under realistic conditions, not a dry run. The specifications of the sQuba project today include requirements that may well become reality tomorrow. Consider encapsulated lifetime fluid charges for transmissions and other assemblies, with no intake or outlet necks and no allowance for evaporation. Longlife, no-loss lubrication is needed for cams and gears exposed directly to water. The sQuba has these requirements now; someday all vehicles and machinery on our blue planet may have them. Seeking a knowledgeable partner Frank M. Rinderknecht and his team at Rinspeed were not looking for a sponsor, but for an innovative technology partner who could bring what was needed to successfully realize the sQuba to the table. Rinspeed and MOTOREX found each other and formed the LubrisQuba project team. Team members from MOTOREX included the Technical Customer Service head, the Research and Development head and other specialists from the passenger car, nautical and practical application departments. MOTOREX has long offered a broad assortment of rapidly biodegradable products. In the hydraulics field, MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES has a secure place in various applications. The MARINE LINE marked the first arrival of rapidly biodegradable motor and transmission oils and technical greases in the industry. These products have proven themselves in practical application and were ready for use in the sQuba. Minimizing lubricant loss The goal of zero emissions means preventing absolutely all emissions from operation of the sQuba – as everyone knows, oil and (salt) water don’t mix. Thus all lubrication points are hermetically sealed and “bio-lubes” are used throughout. Many tests are used to verify the compatibility of environmentally neutral lubricants. For example, biodegradability can be measured (e.g. according to OECD 301B) and various Aquatox test series (fish toxicity, algae, bacteria, etc.) are available. In general, a product of water hazard class (WHC) 0 poses no threat to flora and fauna. Solutions for new technologies In the sQuba, Rinspeed has again proven that partnering vision with highly skilled collaborators can produce compelling solutions. The sQuba, like its predecessors, will remain one of a kind – but the knowledge gained will be applied in new products and solutions to demanding lubrication challenges. A true zero-emission vehicle By Frank M. Rinderknecht “A concept car that runs on the road, moves through the water like a boat and can even dive to a depth of ten meters below the water surface has long been a dream of mine. I found the challenge of creating the Rinspeed sQuba as a true zero-emission vehicle particularly interesting. Using an electric motor for propulsion eliminated most of the emissions. But generating drive power is not the only thing that produces emissions. Other sources include lubricants, which are used in the transmission, drive shafts, steering and many moving parts. Since the sQuba also moves through water, I wanted top experts to deal with the issue of lubrication. In close cooperation with MOTOREX, we succeeded in making the transmission absolutely water-tight and secure against evaporation. Rapidly biodegradable MOTOREX products were used for all lubrication points.This means the sQuba project brings valuable benefits for future mobility with a focus on reducing emissions. The MOTOREX lubrication experts were another key piece of the puzzle in the successful realization of the sQuba concept car.” 10 11



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