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News News Three new

News News Three new made-to-measure viscosities The MOTO LINE motor oil range is always up-to-date on the latest demands of the international motorcycle market. The new SAE 10W/30 viscosity version of high-performance four-stroke motor oil TOP SPEED 4T is specially made for the newest generation of engines and meets all relevant standards. The new TOP SPEED product is already widely used, especially in Honda cycles, whose manufacturer prescribes SAE 10W/30 oils. MOTOREX lubricants for FANTIC MOTOREX developed its CROSS POWER 4T SAE 10W/50 for off-road motorcycles in collaboration with motorcycle manufacturers. This fully synthetic high-performance motor oil is now also available in SAE 5W/40 and 10W/60 viscosities. The SAE 10W/60 viscosity is a must for the latest KTM LC-4 engines as it is the only motor oil on the market compatible with the special alloys in the engine. Mother Nature’s sweetheart: MOTOREX OCEAN FS 2T BIO The OCEAN FS BIO 2T fully synthetic two-stroke motor oil from the new MARINE LINE combines a masterpiece of lubrication technology. The motor oil is highly effective protection against corrosion by saltwater and condensation and also for long idle times or short-run use. OCEAN FS 2T BIO is rapidly biodegradable according to the NMMA TC-W3 standard and meets the ASTM TSC-4 and JASO FC specifications. Mix ratio 1 – 2% or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Available in several practical package sizes. 1 st East European MOTOREX Conference in Hungary FANTIC off-road motorcycles are currently experiencing a revival, and not only in Italy. The Enduro and Supermotard bikes are being made entirely in Italy under new management. FANTIC focuses exclusively on the 50 and 125 cc engine classes. Starting with the 2007 model year, MOTOREX is FANTIC’s official lubricant partner. As technology supplier for two-stroke and four-stroke off-road motorcycles, MOTOREX possesses comprehensive expertise and extensive racing experience. Available around the world, MOTO LINE was FANTIC’s first choice, offering the right product for every motorcycle application. The launch of the new fourstroke 125 cc FANTIC marks a new chapter in the company’s history. Buona partenza FANTIC! New: MOTOREX MAGNUM UX cooling lubricants The four products that make up the SWISSCOOL MAGNUM UX range (MAGNUM UX 100, 200, 300 and 400) together cover 99% of all applications requiring the use of a cooling lubricant. These water-soluble cooling lubricants boast extremely high performance limits. Above-average stability, good cooling, rinsing and lubricating properties and outstanding wettability ensure ideal production processes. With Triumph at Supersport-IDM 2007 Triumph Germany is taking part in the International German Supersport Road Championship (IDM). MOTOREX is in charge of lubricant technology. The experience they gain will feed directly back into MOTO LINE products for road use. The powerful three-cylinder bike’s unusual engine design has already made it a media darling. In accordance with the rules, the Triple is type-approved at 675 cc and kept very close to the mass-produced version. The talented rider, Rico Penzkofer of Germany (31) has what it takes to win. More information on the team and the race can be found at MOTOREX and importers from seven east European countries recently met for the 1 st East European MOTOREX Conference at KTM in Hungary. The event was intended to give importers in these mainly young and growing markets an opportunity to compare experiences and to provide solid knowledge for the marketing of MOTOREX products. As one of the “oldest” and most successful MOTOREX distributors, Dieter Schuller shared his experiences in building up Schumoto in Austria. Product training was also provided along with a talk on lubricant technology. MOTOREX MAGNUM UX can be used successfully even in hard-water conditions, is low-foaming and does not irritate the skin. Would you like to find out more about the new MAGNUM UX cooling lubricants? Contact your MOTOREX representative now. The participants’ response was enthusiastic, and planning is under way for a second conference. MOTOREX – firm on its feet in the past, today and in future. “Success is getting up one more time than you fall down.” Winston Churchill After 90 years, why is MOTOREX not only still on the market, but more successful than ever? Because we at MOTOREX have always got back up, looked ahead and gone back to work – maybe even harder than before. As a symbol and expression of thanks for this powerful determination to get back up one more time than everyone else, every employee was given a wobble doll in the green “MOTOREX look” for MOTOREX’s birthday. Test winner: MOTOREX HELMET CARE Dirt and germs stay out. The test team from German motorcycle magazine MOTORRAD NEWS recently examined eight different helmet cushion cleaners under extreme conditions in its test lab. Each spray was tested for effectiveness in cleaning, ease of use, scent, odorfighting ability and value. MOTOREX HELMET CARE, earned top scores with 21 points. The test verdict for MOTOREX HELMET CARE said: “A powerful dirt remover and odor fighter with a lasting fresh scent carrying a hint of apple.” Let your customers know about these excellent test results and recommend MOTOREX HELMET CARE in the handy 200-ml can. Congratulations on the victory! 6 7



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