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R eport R eport Speaking

R eport R eport Speaking of bringing products to market, BUCHER-MOTOREX is most succesful with its strong products, the familiar MOTOREX brand and skillful marketing. The BUCHER-MOTOREX group is not Switzerland’s leading lubricant producer and number one in many market segments for nothing! Consistent top quality BUCHER-MOTOREX regularly invests earnings in state-of-the-art infrastructure and ongoing employee education and training. The result is consistent top quality for the customer, as certified according to quality standards ISO 9001/14001. Novel lubricants require much research and development work. The new MOTOREX North warehouse was recently opened to support our booming export business. Every day hundreds of shipments leave Langenthal by road and rail and in shipping containers for export. Certain products are also shipped by tanker car, an efficient option that is popular with industrial customers. Knowledgeable customer service MOTOREX’s technical service team plays a key role. In addition to chemists and lab technicians, we employ a number of engineers, technicians and designers in all disciplines. These individuals maintain contact with producers and importers of all kinds of vehicles and machinery. They provide expert technical advice, prepare lubrication plans and take care of many other technical matters. Just making the right choice from our complete line of motor and transmission oils is a challenging task. Environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable products have been a priority at BUCHER-MOTOREX for over a decade, and today MOTOREX offers a wide range of low-impact lubricants in its assortment of over 2,000 products. Over 220 motivated employees Without our 220 loyal employees, BUCHER-MOTOREX wouldn’t be what we are today. And with a smoothly running administration and organization, it is possible to manage the many and complex tasks of this Swiss family enterprise. Every department of the company is staffed by highly motivated, well-trained individuals who are proud to contribute their share to MOTOREX as a whole. Abroad we are happy to have so many capable importers as members of the big international MOTOREX family. We are proud of the work that helps keep your everyday world running smoothly! MOTOREX lubricants put liquid technology in your engine. 14 The computerized process control system makes optimum use of the 9 mixers. Quality is continually monitored during the production process. Success comes through knowledge Before a MOTOREX product can be produced in the first place, the needs of engine manufacturers and the associated specifications, for example, must be analyzed. The process is often arduous and development-intensive. Developing new formulas requires a great deal of tribochemical expertise and employees with fully up-to-date knowledge. And time is of the essence if the right motor oil is to be on the market when a new generation of vehicles is launched. After numerous tests, first in the research and development department and later in real-world applications such as racing, the products are ready for market. Not a drop lost thanks to fully automated filling equipment. BUCHER-MOTOREX supplies over 60 countries around the world every day! 15



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