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Inside Inside Monique

Inside Inside Monique Regenass-Bucher: MOTOREX in the cradle With MOTOREX for 38 years: “Of course there’s a great deal I could say. One of my earliest memories of MOTOREX from my childhood was spending Saturday afternoons with my grandfather, company founder Arnold Bucher (1896), who let me help him with the precise weighing of the raw materials for REX floor and shoe care products. Later, as part of MOTOREX, I realized that you can only be a role model for those around you by credibly living out what you’re trying to convey. I’ve always held to this principle.” Continual growth “I started my career in 1969 in the sales department. With 42 employees, MOTOREX was truly a ‘family’ company then. Through the careful and rational leadership of all three generations of our family we have pursued the goal of long-term healthy growth up to the present day. No fewer than 220 valued individuals are currently earning a living at BUCHER-MOTOREX. I consider it extremely fortunate that, throughout the entire history of the company, we have never had to let employees go for economic reasons and have always supplied our customers promptly.” Progress is everywhere “Carbon paper copies, transfer printing with stencils, bookkeeping with a Franz-Peter-Friedli: The sport of taking orders My 38 years with MOTOREX: “I never really wanted to go into sales, but I enjoyed the feeling of success I got every time I took an order so much that soon I never wanted to do anything else. My recipe for success as a representative was my sporting attitude and self-discipline in selling. I set ‘mini-goals’ for myself every day. If I was successful during the first half of the day, then I was doing great. If not, I worked twice as hard in the afternoon to make up for it.” Legendary “Friedli orders” “Every MOTOREX area rep. knew what this bit of in-house jargon meant – having as many items as possible on an order. I simply went through our catalog line by line and sold so many items from our wide assortment, of course always according to the customer’s needs. Oil, paint, sprays, brushes, oil absorbing agents and much more. My argument was that delivery by truck was free, so everything would arrive at the same time.” “A fair and honest relationship with customers is the basis for a successful partnership that can last many years. mechanical bookkeeping system – hardly anyone remembers these things nowadays. First there was telex, then fax machines, and today there’s a computer on every desk at the company. There has been enormous ongoing progress, and it’s reflected in our products too. Who would have thought in 1974, when the United States was seriously contemplating permanent oil rationing, that modern MOTOREX low-friction lubricants would actively help to conserve resources? And progress continues – together with MOTOREX.” 38 years With MOTOREX since March 1969 Position then Domestic Sales Position today Chair of the Board of Directors, MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL Happy because MOTOREX is part of my family 90th birthday wish For MOTOREX to remain a flourishing, independent family enterprise After my retirement, these partnerships evolved into genuine friendships with several customers.” 38 years With MOTOREX since June 1959 Position then Office clerk Position today Area representative, retired Happy because I experienced success every day in sales 90th birthday wish For MOTOREX to remain so human 1981 Hans-Rudolf Ruch: MOTOREX’s “chef” My 35 years with MOTOREX: “I remember that I was offered a job as warehouseman/driver at BUCHER & Cie. AG on May 11, 1959. On joining the company, I started out in the barrel spraying room, where we made cleaned barrels look decent again. After I’d done this for a while, I was assigned to drive a 3.5-tonne Opel Blitz.” My 40 years with MOTOREX: “Forty years ago there were three of us in the delivery and sales office. I saw everything and learned fast, so the work I did was quite varied. Everyone soon noticed how much I loved accounting. At that time every invoice and payment reminder was typed on a typewriter – and we weren’t allowed to make mistakes! With rapidly growing motorization, our production volumes rose sharply, and I soon had the job of compiling more precise statistics. The numbers were very important for commodity purchasing and production.” Practice makes a production manager “Thanks to my various skills, I got to work at many different jobs – I particularly enjoyed working in production. I knew every pipe in the network, which even then was already several kilometers long. Business was good and production was continually expanding. After the new building was finished in the early 70s, the family put me in charge of production.” MOTOREX barrels bring back memories “Since my retirement I’ve done a little traveling with my caravan. Every time I see a green MOTOREX barrel somewhere, my time at MOTOREX plays out before my eyes like a movie. There was a lot of hard work, but Dora Ankli: Autonomy in the world of numbers Performance is noticed “The nice thing about BUCHER- MOTOREX was, and still is, that the manageable size of the company means that each individual’s performance is noticed. This means a great deal to me, because it’s the only way you can continually improve and always stay motivated. The personal atmosphere at MOTOREX is what has made me sure over all these years that I have found the right place to work. People who take on responsibility at MOTOREX can work autonomously and get recognition.” An invoice in the millions “Of course there was the occasional error in bookkeeping just like anywhere else. A big one, and quite a funny one, was after we had switched over to a new bookkeeping and accounting system in 1989 and mistakenly sent a customer an invoice for several million francs. Due to a data entry error, we had invoiced the sales tax number that was still it was a happy time. And the best part is that I still feel like I’m part of Switzerland’s biggest oil company today!” With MOTOREX since June 1959 Position then Barrel sprayer Position today Production manager, retired Happy because Everyone always accepted me the way I am 90th birthday wish For the Bucher family’s management style to continue in use at the time. After we made a long, apologetic phone call and sent a corrected invoice along with a chocolate drum, we think the customer eventually recovered from the shock.” With MOTOREX since October 1967 Position then Clerk in delivery office Position today Accounts payable manager Happy because My work and I have been valued for 40 years 90th birthday wish Always to be part of the MOTOREX family 10 11 35 years 2007 40 years



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