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Motor Oil Motor Oil

Motor Oil Motor Oil Modern boat engines place different lubrication demands on motor oil than just a few years ago. 2-stroke engines are becoming rarer as stateof-the-art 4-stroke engines start to take their place. New MARINE motor oils launched The MARINE LINE motor oils at a glance 4-stroke 2-stroke OCEAN FS 4T 15W/50 Fully synthetic high-performance motor oil for 4-stroke gasoline and diesel inboard and outboard engines. Also ideal for VOLVO Penta engines. OCEAN 4T 15W/40-50 Modern universal motor oil for 4-stroke gasoline and diesel inboard and outboard engines. Covers both SAE 15W40 and 15W/50 viscosity classes with a viscosity of 16.2 mm 2 /s at 100 °C. Nearly ten years have passed since the launch of the MOTOREX MARINE LINE. The product range has been regularly updated and further developed over this time. With the current relaunch of its motor oil range, MOTOREX has not only brought the lubricants into line with the latest engine technology, but has also simplified the product range. OCEAN SP 4T 5W/30 and 10W/40 Synthetic high-performance motor oil for 4-stroke gasoline and diesel inboard and outboard engines. JET SPEED 4T 10W/40 Synthetic high-performance motor oil for 4-stroke gasoline engines in jet-skis and speedboats. Please observe the manufacturer’s recommendations when using all products! A clearly structured assortment The reworked motor oil assortment provides double benefits: Only four 4-stroke motor oils and two 2-stroke lubricants are enough to provide the ideal lubrication for all latest-generation and older inboard and outboard engines. The ideal reason to reduce a perhaps too large stock of different motor oils now! OCEAN FS 2T BIO Fully synthetic 2-stroke motor oil for separate or pre-mix lubrication of 2-stroke boat engines. Low-smoke, low-odor combustion. Rapidly biodegradable per NMMA TC-W3. JET SPEED 2T State-of-the-art high-performance 2-stroke motor oil suitable for jet-ski engines and speedboats with separate or pre-mix lubrication. Low-smoke, low-odor combustion. Rapidly biodegradable per NMMA TC-W3. Manufacturers of 4-stroke engines have come up with some clever innovations that combine even higher efficiency along with steadily declining emissions. The same is true of jet-skis and small outboard motors, slots traditionally occupied by 2-stroke engines. Thanks to successful miniaturization, 4-stroke engines are now used in roughly 90% of all motorized watercraft. Quality and durability Those who demand a lot from their boats under all weather conditions know how important it is to keep all equipment on board in perfect condition. That’s why you can expect more in every discipline from the MARINE LINE products than from conventional lubricants. It starts with the selection of high-quality, perfectly suited base fluids by MOTOREX’s chemists. The composition of the additive package merits special attention – not only does it need an ideal structure for lubrication, it also has to provide highly effective protection against corrosion by salt water and condensation. In short-term use where the optimum operating temperature is not reached, fuel and water condensation may arise and remain in the engine during long idle periods. For this reason all MARINE motor oils are extremely long-lived and 6 7 D provide highly effective protection against corrosion. Wherever technically feasible or prescribed by emissions standards, the MARINE LINE uses rapidly biodegradable products. People who live and work close to nature, like professional fishermen and others, know the importance of respecting water ecosystems, which are one of the most sensitive ecological systems of all. Practical alternatives There is always more than one road to any destination. If you’re looking for a path that’s easy on the environment, you’ll find practical alternatives in the MARINE LINE. Take MOTOREX ASPEN 4T and 2T special gasoline blends, for example (pre-mixed with 2% synthetic oil): they’re not only low in emissions, but also toxinfree and have a shelf life of several years without degrading. With ANTIFREEZE PROPYLEN- GLYKOL even engines with enclosed cooling systems can be winterized in an environmentally friendly way. The cooling circuit in the engine and boat are completely filled with non-toxic, rapidly bio- The versatile MARINE LINE The MOTOREX MARINE LINE offers boat operators a single source for everything – guaranteeing that all products are mutually compatible. A Motor oils B Transmission fluids C Hydraulic oils D Lubricating greases E Antifreeze F Care products F A B C A E B D D degrading propylene glycol and sealed. When you’re ready to put the engine back in service, you can drain off the antifreeze without harming the environment. Ask for the new MARINE LINE brochure from your MOTOREX representative. The large MOTOREX MARINE LINE even offers the perfect motor oil for high-power inboard engines. Using MOTOREX ASPEN alkylate gasoline sharply reduces noxious emissions. ASPEN has a shelf life of several years.



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