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Inside Inside Innovative process control for blending systems BUCHER-MOTOREX produces simultaneously in nine mixing systems – a highly complex challenge where every move has to be just right. A novel computerized control system helps MOTOREX enhance process consistency and repeatability. Blending systems, the heart of production The laborious, highly sensitive process of refining base fluids and additives into MOTOREX-lubricants and other products takes place in a mixing container. This container possesses intake, circulating and outlet lines and heating coils. These lines are now fitted with electronically controlled solenoid valves, and the mixing container itself is equipped with various sensors. A central computer captures all the desired information and displays it clearly on various monitors, enabling full automation of the mixing process. Precision flow meters calibrated for the volume and specific weight of the fluid medium pass key data for the selected production process to the central computer. Due to modern additives and the need for strict homogenization, i.e. complete mixing of all ingredients, today’s recipes call for warmer temperatures and longer process times than earlier ones. In every production run, samples are regularly sent to the laboratory, which is responsible for ensuring strict compliance with quality standards. Instant calculation of thermal expansion allows optimum filling of each unit, yielding better capacity utilization. A timedelayed program allows all heating, stirring, circulation and pumping processes to be controlled and continuously monitored. Consistency is an absolute must Bulk additives are piped directly into the production process. The prescribed additives for “special mixtures” are dispensed by weight and conveyed directly to the mixing container through assigned fillers. Screening every mixer unit allows precise capture of data such as temperature curves. The temperature drops immediately when an additive is fed in, for example. If the specified temperature is not restored within a prescribed time period, important chemical reactions will not take place. With the rapid advancement of application technologies on all fronts, BUCHER- MOTOREX is now able to use high-tech systems for its production processes. Lubricants are highly elaborate products and their sophisticated refinement processes demand ever more accurate blending and dispensing systems. The current generation of products is composed of a rapidly growing number of raw materials, all of which have to be fed into the blender in just the right order and exactly the right time. An automated control circuit ensures that no production errors can occur and guarantees maximum reliability – the prerequisite for comprehensive quality assurance. Every step of the production process is detailed in a recipe, including: – choice of mixing unit including batch capacity – temperature range – base fluid and additive feed – temperature change over time – mixer rotation speed –tank designated for interim storage – quality assurance parameters – decantation destination – cleanup The new system records each process step for every production batch and archives the data along with a sample of the final product. This ensures easy access to measurements for a given batch, speeding analysis in the event of a problem. Consistent top quality The innovative blender control system not only increases productivity, it also guarantees BUCHER-MOTOREX technological leadership in the production of sophisticated products. 10 Full control at a glance: Operators have a clear overview of the entire production system. Benefits of visualization A new feature is the at-a-glance on-screen color display of the production process in the mixing container. The visual display makes the MOTOREX production pro’s typical workday more colorful and far more informative. Specialists can control and monitor every operation at the touch of a button. Procedures can be fully automatic or, if necessary, manually controlled. The operator sees immediately on screen whether a container is full, for example, or how much longer it will take to fill. “Modern technology” at the service of the customer – reality at MOTOREX for many years. Quality assurance has always been a top priority at MOTOREX. After every process, samples from the mixing unit are sent directly to the lab for analysis. Successive process steps are given the green light via the facility’s monitoring system. 11



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