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What’s new Inside Cut

What’s new Inside Cut to order for the timber industry The degree of mechanization in the timber and forest management industry today has become enormous. More and more innovative machines are coming into use. The environmentally very-low-impact fuels and lubricants from MOTOREX are just as innovative. Machines driven by 2-stroke engines eject about 1/3 of the fuel they use without burning it. Not ASPEN 2T! Dried tree resin is particularly difficult to remove. The new MOTOREX RESIN REMOVER makes it easy. Photo: Husquarna In their journey from the forest to the sawmill and their transformation into planed boards, trees travel long distances and undergo several mechanized processing steps. MOTOREX offers a versatile range of products that meet the many needs that arise during this journey, including products that biodegrade quickly. Growing in popularity: MOTOREX BIOFLUIDS In many harvesters, complicated hydraulic systems perform feats of strength under high pressure (up to 350 bar) for hours on end year-round. The demands placed on the hydraulic oil – often several hundred liters of it – are extreme. Experienced foresters rely on fast-biodegrading OEKO- SYNT HEES hydraulic oil (Hydraulic Environmental Ester Synthetic: a saturated synthetic ester that is insoluble in water). It is very environmentally friendly and has a long useful life. This biofluid has been successfully tested in the laboratory and in Universal • Technical lubricant • Brake fluid • Cleaner • Antifreeze • Sprays • Work clothes Sawmill • Multiblade oil • Gear oil • Technical lubricant • Sprays Forwarder • Hydraulic oil:OEKOSYNT HEES • Motor oil • Gear oil • Technical lubricant • Disk cleaner • Antifreeze • Sprays Harvester • Hydraulic oil:OEKOSYNT HEES • Motor oil • Chain oil BIOGARD PROTECT 100 • Technical lubricant • Antifreeze • Disk cleaner • Sprays tests carried out by hydraulic experts Bosch Rexroth as well as in real-world situations. BIOGARD PROTECT 100 chain lubricant was developed especially for harvesters. It meets the requirements of leading harvester manufacturers, protects against wear, and ensures a long saw chain life. The shortest path to multiple blades Many sawmills are equipped with multipleblade frame saws. These saws have a long history and are ideal for cutting round timber. For this application, the gliding surfaces of the oscillating saw blade frame must be properly lubricated – a task that MOTOREX multiple-blade oils, such as MOTOREX MULTI multiblade oil F + B, have performed reliably for years. Of course, MOTOREX can also provide you with high-quality products for cleaning and maintaining machines and tools. Contact your MOTOREX representative for the best solution today! Chainsaw • Chain oil • 2-stroke engine oil • Resin remover Crude oil – lifeblood of the world economy On August 27, 1859, at Oil Creek, Pennsylvania, Edwin L. Drake dug only 21 meters, not 4000, before striking a sticky brown fluid. Wooden casks with a volume of 159 liters – one barrel – were used to transport the “black gold.” In issue no. 2 of MOTOREX-Revue in September 1981, we tried, in an article called “Thoughts on Crude Oil,” to take an objective look at the emotional topic of the world’s finite oil reserves. Even then expert opinions varied widely. Green pessimists predicted that oilfields would run dry as early as the end of the millennium in 2000. No one doubts that crude oil reserves are exhaustible, but today we have precise, reliable data on oil consumption and supplies. How long these reserves will actually last clearly depends on how human beings around the world manage these resources. Current “International Energy Agency (IEA)” figures Daily consumption 2006 83 million barrels Reserves *1) 1.5 billion barrels Enough to last *2) 45 years Expected demand 2010 90 million barrels Expected demand 2030 115 million barrels *1) known recoverable reserves worldwide *2) theoretical value assuming constant consumption and no new reserves found Geophysicist Marion K. Hubbert attempted to provide a graphical representation of the “final days of fossil fuel” with his Hubbert curve (see figure). Future generations will find out how accurate his prediction was. The fact is that in the past 15 years, over 40 billion tonnes (out of 175 billion) in new, confirmed petroleum reserves have been found. In 2005 alone the increase in reserves was 45 times greater than the increase in consumption. New oil fields are continually being developed, and several powerful gas-to-liquid (GTL) plants are being built for the molecular conversion of natural gas into liquid hydrocarbons. Into the next century Crude oil will still be available into the next century, but whether the supply will be politically and economically secure remains an open question. The vagaries of the price per barrel in recent months have occasioned much reflection, and factors such as increased demand from China do not adequately explain upward and downward jumps of per barrel. Crude oil has become a speculative commodity; transactions millions of times greater than actual consumption take place worldwide every day. From the oil well to the gas pump, oil-producing countries and multinational oil companies are enjoying profits in the billions. In the wake of crude oil prices, prices for some of the most important base fluids have risen by over 220% – far too great an increase for MOTOREX to absorb on its own. In a spirit of long-term partnership, we must rely on the aid of our customers. New formulas bring savings Our chemists and engineers will help you make the most economical possible use of precious petroleum resources. As a Swiss lubricant manufacturer, we are convinced that we can work together to make a lasting contribution to extending the availability of petroleum, for example through innovative formulas such as fuel-saving high-performance, high-lubricity motor oils and Marathon motor oils for longer intervals between oil changes. At MOTOREX, we’re taking on the exciting challenge of extending the life of the world’s oil reserves! 6 7 Output in millions of barrels per day 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 240% 220% 200% 180% 160% 140% 120% 100% IEA World Energy Outlook Predicted petroleum production Depletion of non-renewable raw material predicted by the “Hubbert curve“ 1975 2000 2025 2050 2075 2100 Sept 04 Price trend of SN 150 (ISO 32) base oil Dec 04 March 05 June 05 Sept 05 Dec 05 March 06 June 06 Sept 06



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