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Export Photos: Sarholz

Export Photos: Sarholz Toptech The name Sarholz has a long tradition in Germany, as does its alliance with MOTOREX. This time the German team has four highly motivated top riders competing on KTMs. BIKE LIFT MCL 20 Wyatt Avis MOTOREX BIKE LIFT range 10 A strong showing: The Sarholz Germany KTM team A strong presence in Germany – the Sarholz KTM team has a promising rider in almost every category. Racing soon reveals whether a lubricant can live up to its promises. Racers can depend on MOTOREX MOTO LINE products! The unlicensed German Cross Country Championship, a blend of enduro and motocross racing for large starting fields ranging from ambitious hobbyists to seasoned pros, has been taking place since 2001. Divided into seven classes, the championship has grown to become a major success. Over a thousand active participants have registered in Germany this year. The promoter has now established a series of races in Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic as well. At the end of the season racers from each country will square off at the European Cross Country Championship in Schefflenz, Germany. A long motocross tradition at Sarholz For over 30 years, team leader Burkhard Sarholz has had just one great motor sport passion: motocross. His list of triumphs is a long one. Sarholz is now entering the 2006 XCC season on a KTM with factory support – a new highlight for the team from the Westerwald region of western Germany. Norbert Zaha, general manager of KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH, Germany, presented KTM Germany’s strategy at a recent press conference: “In Sarholz we have a German team with up-and-coming German riders who, given the right support, have great potential and the ability to reach the world’s top ranks.” The Sarholz KTM team will compete for titles at the European Cross Country Championship XCC, the ADAC MX Masters and the Motocross World Championship. MOTOREX supports XCC 2006 MOTOREX regards the Cross Country Championships as an ideal platform for introducing the pioneering lubricants and care products of its MOTO LINE to upand-coming riders. Especially popular among participants is the MOTOREX Racing Service, which provides advice and assistance to racers on location and distributes coupon books with discounts on a wide range of MOTOREX products to championship racers registered for the first round. Meanwhile all eyes are on the Sarholz KTM team riders: will Max Nagl and Marcus Schiffer make it to the top 10 in the MX2 World Championship? And how will Wyatt Avis do in the MX1 World Championship? How about Andy Boller in his various MX3 championship races? For the latest updated information see, and The times when motorcycle mechanics worked at a leisurely pace with improvised tools are long gone – top professionalism and efficiency are in greater demand than ever. It is increasingly common today for motorcycle maintenance and repair to be performed within a defined time frame. Especially when the weather is warm, meeting customer deadlines is a must. With its new MOTOREX BIKE LIFT range, MOTOREX-TOPTECH has a complete cycle shop equipment program offering high quality at an affordable price. Premiere: motorcycle lift platforms in MOTOREX green The two MOTOREX BIKE LIFT platforms BIKE RACING 350 and BIKE SUPER MAX 500 GATE are immediately recognizable by their distinctive MOTOREX green coloring. BIKE LIFT products are well-established on the international two-wheeler market and enjoy an excellent reputation. Practical accessories for every need The MOTOREX BIKE LIFT range is compelling in terms of accessories too. For example, the scissor-lift platform can be made wider to easily accommodate ATVs or other motorized equipment. Choose from among other original accessories such as: •pneumatic/manual wheel vises • assorted motorcycle jacks • balancing machines/equipment and much more! Ask your MOTOREX partner about favorable terms and the complete MOTOREX BIKE LIFT range. Technical data BIKE RACING 350 BIKE SUPER MAX 500 GATE Capacity 350 kg 500 kg Vertical travel 1,000 mm 1,300 mm Platform 2,000 x 600 mm 2,100 x 750 mm with side extensions 2,000 x 840 mm 2,100 x 990 mm Actuation foot pump electro-hydraulic 230 V Expansion flap no yes Drive-on ramp yes yes The practical BIKE LIFT BIKE HANDY-X- LIFT 160 motorcycle jack is ideal for off-road bikes, e.g. at the racetrack. The electro-hydraulic BIKE LIFT SUPER MAX 500 GATE. The side extensions are especially handy. 11



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