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Motor Oil Highlight The

Motor Oil Highlight The right motor oil INTERIOR CLEAN creates added value for every construction vehicle! Although customers may not always notice freshly completed maintenance work, they are sure to know when their vehicle interior has been cleaned with MOTOREX INTERIOR CLEAN. They’ll be able to see it and smell it! Construction machinery likely comprises the widest variety of any vehicle category. There is a specialized machine for practically every task – and MOTOREX has the right motor oil for each of them. 8 Extremely small particles with a diameter of less than 10 microns (PM 10) can be easily captured by modern particulate filters! The pros change not only the oil but also the all-important oil filter after every 500 hours of service. Excavators, front-end loaders, dump trucks, vibratory rollers, trenchers, and others – all are powered by four-stroke engines and require regular oil and filter changes at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer. Fleet managers often ask, “can I use the same motor oil in a 20- year-old AWD dumper that I use in the crawler excavator with diesel particulate filter we just bought?” The short answer: there are so-called “all-fleet oils” that can meet the needs of a very broad range of machinery of different generations. Still, it’s a good idea to check with the MOTOREX customer service to make sure. A special case: construction equipment with particulate filters Engineering vehicles can be roughly categorized into those with and without diesel particulate filters. Equipment with particulate filters requires lowSAPS (low sulfate ash, phosphor and sulfur) lubricants that protect engines against deposits and keep exhaust treatment systems working at high efficiency for longer. That’s why MOTOREX’s motor oil developers had to sharply reduce SAPS content and repro- duce the positive, desired characteristics of the SAPS additives with a fundamentally new additive technology. The result is the MOTOREX FOCUS 4 LowSAPS motor oil at SAE 10W/40 viscosity, which meets tomorrow’s Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission standards today. If you’re planning on equipping a piece of machinery with a diesel particulate filter, you should first consult with MOTOREX whether you can continue to use the motor oil you’ve been using. Tailored for each engine generation The MOTOREX motor oil range for construction equipment consists of five motor lubricants of different composition. MOTOREX can create a lubrication plan for your vehicle fleet, which greatly simplifies maintenance. The lubrication plan shows which piece of equipment should be lubricated with which products and when. Ask your representative. Your MOTOREX partner or our customer service department will be glad to provide further information and qualified advice on all your construction equipment’s lubrication needs. All conscientious vehicle owners make sure they adhere to the prescribed maintenance intervals. Auto shop professionals can make their work immediately apparent to customers by cleaning and valeting their car. Interior cleaning is a particularly appreciated part of the service. Added value from interior cleaning Cleaning a car interior obviously entails a fair bit of work – but by choosing the right products from the CLEAN & CARE range you’re guaranteed success in a very short time. MOTOREX INTERIOR CLEAN spray foam cleans upholstery, carpets and plastic thoroughly yet gently, leaving a silky matt, antistatic finish. INTERIOR CLEAN also leaves an unobtrusive, yet immediately noticeable scent of apples. What’s more, a novel active agent permanently eliminates unpleasant odors. This is a particularly useful way of keeping second-hand cars fresh even if they are left with their windows closed for lengthy periods. Simple and fast to use This is how easy it is to use INTERIOR CLEAN. Shake the can, apply the spray, leave the foam to act for three minutes and then rub dry with a damp cloth or sponge. The foam is biodegradable and can be purchased in 500 ml cans or in bulk containers of 4 or 25 liters. The MOTOREX CLEAN & CARE LINE also includes a further ten vehicle cleaning and care products. The products’ extremely high effectiveness and innovative containers set new standards. The way to keep customers coming back Cleaning with INTERIOR CLEAN is the perfect way to show your customers that their vehicle has been thoroughly and conscientiously serviced. This important selling point virtually guarantees that they will be back! Photo: VW INTERIOR CLEAN is suitable for all materials. It is fast acting and leaves a pleasant, clean scent. Vehicle interiors use a wide range of materials. INTERIOR CLEAN cares for and cleans them all. 9



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