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What’s new What’s new The BIKE LINE has successfully withstood innumerable tests in recreational and competition cycling. Thanks to systematic continual development of the DRY- and WET LUBE chain lubricants, new formulas now provide unprecedented features. Success reformulated: DRY- and WET LUBE DEGRADABLE Most of the MOTOREX BIKE LINE lubricants and care products are rapidly biodegradable. Pro mechanics like Alex Roussel (l.) at the Centre Mondial du Cyclisme in Aigle rely on the pioneering BIKE LINE. A modern chain lubricant must meet a wide range of requirements: it must quickly penetrate to the most inaccessible corner of every element of the chain, form a highly pressure-resistant lubricant film, adhere well, and protect the chain against wear and especially corrosion even after contact with solid particles such as dust or sand. In purely chemical terms, penetration and adhesion are mutually contradictory properties – but not for MOTOREX DRY- and WET LUBE! MOTOREX’s improved, sophisticated formulas with new ingredients set a new milestone in bicycle chain lubrication. MOTOREX DRY LUBE: with a new wax/oil formula The new MOTOREX DRY LUBE combines all the advantages of wax-based and oil-based chain lubricants for dry, dusty conditions, but without the usual disadvantages of pure wax-based formulas. The harmonious combination of the oil and wax components gives the lubricant good creep characteristics and enables it to penetrate the chain extremely quickly. Within a few minutes, the wax components form an even surface that protects the chain against dirt and dust. Beneath this protective layer is a highly pressure-resistant lubricant layer that measurably reduces friction and provides highly effective protection against corrosion and wear. The best of both worlds In this innovative formula, MOTOREX’s development labs have succeeded in combining the “best of both worlds,” oil and wax, in a single lubricant. Pure wax compounds are known for their tendency to flake off when fully dry and offer insufficient protection against corrosion. After applying MOTOREX DRY LUBE you’ll feel like you’re riding a different bike, with easier, faster and more precise shifting. Cross-section of bushingless chain High-grade protective wax layer (yellow) Oil-based lubricating film (green) MOTOREX WET LUBE: perfectly lubricated, even in rain MOTOREX WET LUBE is the ideal lubricant for all bicycle chains and shifters in wet conditions. It is highly water-repellent, has excellent adhesiveness, and is highly effective in protecting against corrosion and wear. Its extremely high adhesiveness also makes WET LUBE ideal for long-term everyday use. MOTOREX WET LUBE uses a new formula that draws on the advantages of a high-quality ester-based synthetic oil. An innovative, thermostable adherence additive ensures that the lubricant continues to perform perfectly on the chain and shifter under all operating conditions. Only cleaning the chain with MOTOREX EASY CLEAN quickly and permanently removes the lubricant. WET LUBE is also ideally suited for on- and off-road racing. MOTOREX DRY and WET LUBE are available for resale in 300 ml sprays and in 100 ml bottles. They are also available in bulk for professional use in the shop. Racing-tested and eco-friendly Both products, MOTOREX DRY- and WET LUBE, are the results of MOTOREX research augmented by valuable input from real-world testing and use by successful international racing teams such as the Multivan Merida Bike Team, Team Swiss Koxx, Team Scott Allianz and Team Stöckli. Both lubricants are eco-friendly and biodegrade rapidly – an important selling point for the eight out of ten cyclists who prefer biodegradable lubricants! The current BIKE LINE covers all cyclists’ cleaning and lubrication needs. Further information is available any time from your MOTOREX partner or directly from BUCHER AG MOTOREX in Langenthal. MOTOREX DRY LUBE Highly dust and dirt repellent Powerful protection against corrosion and wear Excellent penetration and creep Optimized shifting Tested successfully in racing Good material compatibility Biodegrades rapidly Rain can’t harm a chain lubricated with WET LUBE! Special adhesion additives provide all-round protection. MOTOREX WET LUBE Highly water-repellent Excellent adhesion Powerful protection against corrosion and wear Excellent penetration and creep Optimized shifting Good material compatibility Biodegrades rapidly 6 7 DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE



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