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Motor Oil Moto Line

Motor Oil Moto Line Photo: IVECO According to a leading international motorbike magazine, the two things bike enthusiasts of both genders enjoy most are riding their machines and looking after them. The new 7-star class: MOTOREX FOCUS 4 Care in a box: BIKE CARE KIT Use the drying cloth to dry any areas from which the water does not bead off by itself. 8 Particle filters trap well over 95% of particles less than 10 micrometers in diameter (PM 10 particles). MOTOREX FOCUS 4 was tested by leading truck manufacturers and approved to the latest specifications. Photo: Mercedes-Benz Photo: IVECO Thanks to its combination of low-ash additives and sulfur-free base oils, the new MOTOREX FOCUS 4 motor oil is ideal for use in the low-emission Euro 4 and 5 diesel engines produced by the leading vehicle manufacturers. The Euro 4 and 5 exhaust emissions standards place increased demands on motor oils. Diesel engines that meet these standards need LowSAPS – low sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur – lubricants that protect engines against deposits and ensure that exhaust aftertreatment systems retain a high level of long-term efficiency. This means that the motor oil developers at MOTOREX have had to drastically reduce SAPS additives content. Unfortunately, though, these are precisely the ingredients that gave oils their lubricating, anti-wear properties and kept engines clean. Just mixing less of these valuable additives into the oil was therefore not the answer, because they also play a role in extending oil change intervals and thus in improving economy. These new requirements prompted the development of a completely new additives technology which ensures a reduction in SAPS components at no detriment to oil change intervals or the efficiency of lubrication. MOTOREX’s innovative Low- SAPS technology – a case of innovation born of compulsion – was incorporated into the company’s pathbreaking FOCUS 4 SAE 10W/40 motor oil. The advantages of MOTOREX FOCUS 4: •Already meets E6 and E7, the latest ACEA specifications for heavy-duty diesel engines • Suitable for engines with or without particle filters thanks to very low sulfate ash content •Can also be used in Euro 3 and older engines (in compliance with manufacturers’ specifications) •Extends the life of diesel particle filters and oxidation catalysts, enabling commercial vehicles to deliver maximum performance for longer • Increased oil change intervals (in compliance with manufacturers’ specifications) • Outstanding wear protection, giving longer engine life •Minimal oil consumption thanks to low evaporation loss (NOACK) •Synthetic performance motor oil with LowSAPS technology MOTOREX’s new BIKE CARE KIT comprises a 1-liter pump-action spray pack of the highly effective, rapidly biodegradable MOTO CLEAN 900 motorbike cleaner and a 500 ml aerosol spray of PROTECT & SHINE 645. And the box doubles up as a bucket! The handy sponge and absorbent cotton rag included in the kit ensure that the bike-care ritual is a success every time. Cleaning with MOTO CLEAN 900 Dried-on insects, aggressive brake dust, and other hard-to-clean dirt on motorcycles trigger an as-yet unexplained but nonetheless real cleaning mania in most bikers. When this happens, bikers of both sexes dream of a miracle cleaner that will transform their road-weary bike into a shining new machine in a single step. MOTOREX fulfils this desire with its tried-and-trusted MOTO CLEAN 900 motorcycle cleaner. MOTO CLEAN 900 • can be used on the entire motorcycle • is acid-free and non-corrosive • is highly effective • can be diluted up to 1:3 with water depending on how dirty the bike is • biodegrades quickly Cleaning and protecting your bike with PROTECT & SHINE 645 To obtain long-lasting shine after cleaning with MOTO CLEAN 900, use PROTECT & SHINE 645, which is available in 500 ml spray cans and is recommended by various motorcycle manufacturers. Sensitive surfaces, such as semigloss painted surfaces, often lose their original luster after cleaning. Protecting them with MOTOREX PROTECT & SHINE 645 restores them to like-new conditions. It gives surfaces • a mirror-like shine • long-lasting corrosion protection • antistatic properties to prevent dust and particles from building up Polished aluminum surfaces and chrome parts at high risk of corrosion enjoy reliable total protection even for lengthy periods, such as during winter storage. And once the bike has been cleaned, the entire kit packs neatly into its bucket. A solution to remember, the next time you are faced with a dirty bike! Please observe the instructions for all products, or ask you MOTOREX dealer. From top to bottom: Spray on MOTO CLEAN 900 using the pump-action dispenser, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse. MOTOREX PROTECT & SHINE 645 brings back the shine and provides maximum protection for important parts. 9



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