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What’s new What’s new Fourteen high-quality sprays in a new design brighten up the mechanic’s day – and five new additions to the MOTOREX spray line are on the way. SPRAYS: not just a ‘canned’ solution Extremely practical: the nozzle extension included with the spray guarantees absolute accuracy – not a drop is lost! The ball valve integrated in the spray nozzle guarantees perfect spraying even when the can is inverted. JOKER 440 SYNTHETIC, ANTI- RUST, GREASE SPRAY, SILICONE, TEFLON ® and all the other sprays from the MOTOREX HI-TECH range are known throughout the world as highquality products. Although developed for daily professional use in workshops, these versatile tools are proving immensely popular and valuable in household, garden and hobby applications. Modern sprays as problem solvers MOTOREX has more than 30 years’ experience of manufacturing aerosols and pump-action sprays. Sprays are an essential part of today’s toolkit in many sectors. MOTOREX was an early pioneer of FCHC-free propellants, and its brilliant ball valve keeps the spray working even when inverted. This makes it easy to get to places that were once hard to reach. Where appropriate, products are equipped with an extended nozzle. This is particularly useful for precision re-lubing of exposed lubrication points. The integrated ball valve also means the spray cans can be emptied completely. This is not only an important point in favor of economy but also in favor of environmental protection. New products, new design Technological innovation necessitates advances in sprays as well. MOTOREX is therefore launching five new sprays: INTACT MX 50, GREASE SPRAY, TEFLON ® , PROTEX and TOOL- GUARD. At the same time all our sprays have been redesigned and the descriptive pictograms make it easy to match up the sprays to their applications. Texts in several languages provide clear instructions, ensuring successful use every time. The spray tops are made of recycled PE granulate, and the empty cans can be recycled as scrap metal. JOKER 440 SYNTHETIC Essential for workshops, commercial or domestic use and gardens. Lubricates all moving parts. Cleans and dissolves stubborn dirt and rust, and provides lasting protection against corrosion. Water repellent and dielectric. 100% synthetic. 500 ml, 200 ml INTACT MX 50 A fully-synthetic lubricant developed specially for professional use in industry. Cleans, lubricates and protects metal surfaces. Highly economical. 500 ml 6 7 OIL SPRAY DEGRADABLE Perfect for anything that needs to be lubricated, cleaned and protected against rust. New fast biodegradable quality. 500 ml SPRAY 2000 Fully synthetic colorless all-purpose lubricant. Extremely resistant to pressure, shock and adhesive. Waterproof and extremely temperature stable in the range of -30°C to +200°C. Silicone free. 500 ml, 200 ml GREASE SPRAY High-quality high-viscosity grease spray. For reliable lubrication and protection. Protects against corrosion and wear. 500 ml TEFLON® White Teflon ® solid lubricant in spray form. An all-purpose lubricant and release agent with no oily residues. Antistatic (won’t attract dust). Guaranteed long-lasting lubrication. Heat resistant to +265°C. 200 ml SILICONE High-quality protection and lubricant for plastic, rubber and metal parts. Strongly water repellent, insulating and inhibits oxidation. 500 ml ANTIRUST Newly formulated “screw loosener” with extreme penetrant properties. Effectively dissolves rust, repels water, lubricates and inhibits corrosion. 500 ml TOOLGUARD Gives lasting protection to all metal surfaces such as tools and machinery in the form of a thin, dry nonslip film. Highly economical. 500 ml PROWELD Prevents adhesion and melting from troublesome weld splash. Cleans and protects welding equipment. Silicone free. 400 ml MOTOR START Reliable, highly effective starting aid for petrol and diesel engines. With special friction-reducing lubricant agents. 500 ml ACCU PROTECT Lasting protection for battery terminals and all electrical connections. Long-term prevention of corrosion and connector resistance. 200 ml PROTEX Highly effective and lasting protection against moisture and oil. Effectively impregnates textiles, leather and other fabrics. For professional and domestic use. 500 ml COPPER Efficiently prevents seizing of parts under high thermal stress, such as exhaust screws, brake pads etc. Noise reducing, oxidation and corrosion resistant, salt water resistant. 400 ml Ask your MOTOREX distributor for the new spray brochure. Multilingual product descriptions ensure successful use. Always shake sprays well before use! MOTOREX INTACT MX 50 in laboratory test The significant differences between universal lubricants can be clearly seen in the water emulsion test.The lubricant and water in the left picture (X) are clearly separate. After shaking, the conventional lubricant forms an emulsion (mixture) with the water (Y) and no longer separates out even after standing for a protracted period.By contrast, MOTOREX INTACT MX 50 effectively repels the water and immediately separates out again. X A. Conventional lubricant B. MOTOREX INTACT MX 50 Y Before test After test Before test After test X Y



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