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Cool ideas Photo: DUAP

Cool ideas Photo: DUAP Box Lube service for a mobile library in Guatemala Max Umiker, a successful garage owner from Muttenz, Switzerland has always had a fondness for South America and a flair for direct, uncomplicated aid provision. He is chairman of the “PROBIGUA-Switzerland” (PROyecto BIbliotecas GUAtemala) association set up in 1992 by Rigoberto Zamora Charuc in Antigua, Guatemala. The Swiss association has been active since 1998. The association promotes literacy in rural schools by supplying them with such essentials as pencils and schoolbooks. Several mini-libraries have also been set up in village schools. villages without schools and other places where a permanent library is not possible receive regular visits from school buses converted into mobile libraries. These buses are serviced exclusively with lubricants from MOTOREX, Max Umiker’s “house brand”. Because the best choice for his customers in Switzerland is sure to be ideal for Guatemala too! Do you know about... ...DUAP’s leading diesel injection components? High precision manufacturing is bread and butter at all levels of DUAP’s EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) DIESELS operation. For example, production centers around such highly sophisticated procedures as internal and external grinding to tolerances of 2/10000 mm, EDM drilling of 0.1 mm-diameter injection nozzle holes and extrusion honing – all to enhance the quality of the company’s DUATOP products. Photos: M. Umiker At DUAP quality means precision drawings, perfect functioning, longer life, lower fuel consumption and much less pollution. This applies to all the company’s products, from its DUARAIL common rail systems to its DUATOP range of injection nozzles, plungers and barrels, etc. Such high precision manufacturing demands close collaboration with suppliers of cooling, test, lubrication and control oils. This is why DUAP opted for MOTOREX machining fluids. good reasons to use MOTOREX SWISSCOOL 7788 Suitable for all materials. Absolutely low-foam, even at extreme pressures, in all processing types (done in one) and at all water hardness levels. Reduced costs thanks to measurably higher tool and emulsion service lives and ideal COD. Extremely safe for skin because free from boron, amines and formaldehyde. Fulfils stringent EU Biocide Directive 98/8/EC as well as all pertinent Japanese standards. Low consumption due to reduced reconcentration requirement of only 0.5 to 1.4%. Optimum corrosion protection ensures problem-free easy intermediate storage of workpieces. Outstanding flushing performance, resulting in optimum machine cleanliness. 14 Try it now – success guaranteed! Photo: Mikron Agie Charmilles AG

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