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Industry Photo: TORNOS

Industry Photo: TORNOS SA Industry High process reliability at decreasing cost? A case for thread whirling rather than milling. We provide the recipe for success. Thread whirling makes the difference The Schwanog whirling tool is set up in front of the workpiece and turns at high speed. The spindle and workpiece turn at a lower speed in the same direction. Photos: Schwanog That being said, thread whirling stainless steel or titanium components places tough demands on the whirling tool and the cutting oil. Today around 90% of all threads in the prestigious dental and medical technology industry are produced by whirling, and this modern thread-cutting technology has also established itself in other industrial sectors such as precision turning and watch-making. But let’s stay with the machining of materials that are difficult to work, such as the INOX 1.4441 implant shown. In conjunction with the part manufacturer Stuckenbrock Medizintechnik GmbH of Tuttlingen, Germany, MOTOREX tested the use of its high-performance ORTHO NF-X cutting oil. 1. High cost-efficiency thanks to rapid insert changing 2. Significant increase in tool life 3. Reduced costs from not having to rework The Schwanog ® WEP system offers the great advantage of working with exchangeable inserts. This not only provides the maximum precision required, but also significantly reduces tool changing costs at that same time. esting information on the tools used at Away with swarf and down with unit production times With today’s manufacturing technology, efficient metalworking is only possible with fluids that are perfectly matched to the machining process. Hence machine operators prefer to work at a speed where they can be certain that no problems will arise in series production. Process reliability is undoubtedly essential, but with today’s technology, unutilized reductions in unit production times have a huge impact. The Stuckenbrock company therefore machined the implant shown using MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X, and all attention was focused on the whirling stage. With its superior high-pressure properties coupled with its flushing and cooling performance, this cutting oil was impressive right from the start. Its high-tolerance lubricating film and total stability over an extremely wide temperature range also make it ideal for high cutting rates. The measurable reduction in unit production times in the test series runs was achieved with no loss of dimensional stability or surface quality. tools, materials and machining fluid. It is a well-known fact that higher manufacturing speeds result in higher temperatures, and this is something that MOTOREX’s v max technology specifically exploits. A clearly defined high temperature when the machining process is running at maximum speed is capable of triggering desirable chemical synergy effects and thus of facilitating an exponential increase in performance at the crucial moment. Greater process reliability, lower production times However, the benefits extend far beyond reduced unit production times. The effective cooling and lubrication also increased process reliability, resulting in an significant associated decrease in the number of machine downtimes. This is a convincing argument, especially for night and unmanned shifts. No matter whether whirling is already being used or due to be introduced, the tools used and the cutting oil in particular have a decisive impact on the desired outcome. The defined thread length has almost been reached. The Schwanog whirling spindle retracts, first radially and then axially. The whirling process has ended. 10 12 Thread whirling starts. The thread is machined by the rotating motion of the C axis and the longitudinal motion of the Z axis, where only one cutting edge of the whirling spindle is in use at any time. Schwanog ® special carbide tools Modern whirling tools incorporate a wealth of expertise accumulated over the years. The application technology, complex alloys and hardening processes applied to the tool cutting edges all play their part in whirling’s success. The sophisticated WEP profile cutter changing system marketed by Schwanog ® , Siegfried Güntert GmbH of Villingen- Schwenningen, Germany provides such advantages as: The external thread of the part shown can be whirled to its final dimensions in a single pass without the need for reworking. The entire thread depth is produced in just one work step! The demand for high-quality surgical implants continues to rise rapidly, yet prices are only moving slightly sideways. This means that production has to become even more precise and cost-effective. This can only be achieved through the use of more precise technologies and by reducing unit production times. You will find further inter- Greater precision and reliability with MOTOREX vmax technology To make it to the top of the cost-efficiency league, companies need to utilize the full potential of their machining centers, 13



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