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Motor Oil Motor Oil

Motor Oil Motor Oil MOTOREX has brought together all its car motor oils under the CAR LINE name. These clearly and uniformly labeled products let you satisfy every need. Even better – your MOTOREX importer can offer you the right products, tailored to your needs. give convincing reasons for choosing a high-quality motor oil. Afterwards, your customers will know they can drive with confidence and that their car is safe even with the long recommended interval between services. 8 CAR MOTOR OILS: better choice all round Ideal for refilling with identical quality: the patented MOTOREX 1 liter container with integrated nozzle. Every MOTOREX motor oil has a technical information sheet with exact specifications. You could write a book about motor oil. Formulations, approvals, oil change intervals and additives would all play an important role. But let’s give away the ending now: with its three new POWER & PERFORMANCE, MANUFACTURERS and SAFETY & ECONOMY classes, MOTOREX gives you a range tailored to the technical and commercial needs of every workshop. We feel it is extremely important, therefore, to show you which products are suitable for which technologies and budget. The large number of vehicle manufacturers means that the standards that motor The new MOTOREX CAR LINE – leading technology organized simply The right oils can be found quickly and easily from the three categories. MOTOREX POWER & PERFORMANCE Top-quality oil for top-quality cars • extreme quality and safety • extensive manufacturer approval • state of the art in ACEA and API • covers a broad range of vehicles • attractively designed, practical small container boosts repeat sales MOTOREX MANUFACTURERS Manufacturer-specific motor oils • produced to vehicle manufacturers’ specific requirements • all relevant manufacturer approvals covered • modern LongLife and Fuel Economy oils (FEO) • LowAsh technology for vehicles with diesel particle filters • for reduced emissions oils have to satisfy have become immensely complex. With MOTOREX lubricants, however, a high quality standard is always paramount for each and every product. MOTOREX SAFETY & ECONOMY Universal standard motor oils • quality oils at convenient prices • suitable for older highmileage vehicles • protects and lubricates engines with maximum reliability It goes without saying that the recommended MOTOREX motor oils are approved for all intended uses. Developing and producing innovative and proven lubricants has been a MOTOREX specialty for over 60 years. Professional advice is just as much a part of what MOTOREX delivers as the extensive service package and well-developed technical customer service. Quality and competence count A survey by the German trade magazine AUTOHAUS shows that when the average workshop customer chooses a motor oil, the deciding factor for is not the price, but the quality of the lubricant and the competence of the workshop performing the maintenance. What customers expect from lubricants varies depending on the vehicles and customers a workshop serves. For manufacturer’s agents, lubricants can be used for up to 30,000 km under certain circumstances. For used car dealers in the lower price segment, a free oil and filter change before delivery can be an additional selling point. A valuable relationship of trust The relationship between a car owner and workshop owner is based on trust. This is why customers should be told about the quality of replacement parts and supplies. MOTOREX holds regular seminars for its customers, delivering valuable information on lubricants which are in a process of constant development. Armed with this information, you will be able to The right product for every need Whether you’re looking for a motor oil with LowAsh technology for modern diesel engines meeting ACEA 04 specifications, or one for a high-performance sporty engine, or one for an older car with 150,000 km on the clock, you can always rely on the following if you choose MOTOREX: –You will always get a quality MOTOREX product –We assume comprehensive product liability if our motor oils are filled in accordance with current vehicle manufacturer specifications –You benefit from an extensive range of free services, such as oil analysis, service and engine compartment stickers, professional customer service and display materials – MOTOREX motor oils are only available in workshops and specialist retailers – no competition from wholesale distributors – MOTOREX offers a wide selection of technologically advanced motor oils in every quality and price segment – The MOTOREX OILBAG means your customers always have the right oil with them even when they’re on the road Do you have any questions about motor oil? Your MOTOREX partner can give you a quick and competent answer. With MOTOREX’s practical engine compartment stickers, one can see straight away which oil was used during the last service. Many MOTOREX services come free as an integral part of the product. The MOTOREX OILBAG lets you find the oil container easily, even with a full load. 9



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