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News MC-molecule

News MC-molecule Hydrogen (H) News 4 Carbon (C) 20 years of MOTOREX MC technology About 20 years ago, MOTOREX launched the first MC-based motor oil. The abbreviation MC signifies the innovative MC (Molecularly Converted) synthesis process. The base oil is refined Medical Technology Meeting in Tuttlingen, Germany The increasingly stringent requirements that the metalworking industry is having to contend with are a true test of modern companies’ efficiency and innovation. This is also the case in the highly demanding Not just a ‘canned’ solution: MOTOREX ADDITIVES MOTOREX’s fuel, oil and coolant additives couldn’t be any more varied if they tried. All in all, the range encompasses no less than 16 products, from our VALVE GUARD lead substitute to our RADIA- TOR CLEANER. However, it’s important to remember that even the best additive is intended for protection, not repairs. Targeted use of an additive such as FUEL DRY protects the entire fuel system against water and corrosion, and is thus a preventive measure. Even so, if a radiator springs a leak, it can be temporarily sealed using FORCE in an additional refining step until its properties are comparable with those of a considerably more expensive, fully synthetic lubricant. From the fleet oil MOTOREX MC Plus to SELECT MC, the top passenger car motor oil of its day, all MC-based motor oils offer impressive advantages such as synthetic performance, FEO properties (Fuel Economy Oil), extended oil change intervals, virtually no consumption (low NOACK) and much more. So far MC products have proven to be a huge success in the marketplace. Now that’s smart technology! sector of medical technology. This April, MOTOREX AG organized a seminar on success-centered production in medical technology at the Tuttlingen professional education center. With over 140 participants, this event attracted considerable interest from far outside Germany. Well-known speakers and leading companies in machining, cleaning, fire protection, logistics and materials briefed participants on the latest achievements in their areas of expertise. Stay tuned for more! coolant additive. So there are situations where the correct MOTOREX additive really does work wonders, even if it’s just a matter of preventing damage as far as Looking ahead: world-class MX3 Grand Prix in Roggenburg Roggenburg is the place to be on the weekend of August 20-21 if you're looking for another up-close experience of such international motocross stars as 2004 MX3 world champion Yves Demaria from France, Sven Breugelmans from Belgium and Julien Bill and Marc Ristori from Switzerland in action. In addition to training runs on both days and the races on Sunday afternoon, viewers will be treated each day to a breathtaking freestyle motocross show. The MOTOREX roadshow team will also be there and looking forward to seeing you. Drop in on us in Roggenburg and enjoy the ups and downs of this challenging course. See for more information on the unique motocross MX3 Grand Prix of Switzerland. the next stop. Your MOTOREX partner will be happy to tell you more about our current range of additives. OEKOSYNT HEES takes off Since the recent introduction of the rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluid, a large number of new customers have been won over by the advantages of this fully synthetic biofluid. In particular, the service life of OEKOSYNT HEES – 3 to 5 times longer than that of a conventional petroleum-based hydraulic fluid – was enough to dispel any misgivings. The second piece of good news concerns the newly set-up MOTOREX maintenance program. Ultrafine filtering (see the article in the “In Practice” section on p. 11) and regular laboratory analyses mean that OEKOSYNT HEES can be used for even longer and more cost-effectively. Contact your MOTOREX partner for further information. Enhanced export capability in MOTOREX’s northern warehouse Sales of MOTOREX products from such globally successful lines as CAR LINE, MOTO LINE and SWISSLINE are rising. To improve the efficiency of its logistics even further, BUCHER MOTOREX has greatly expanded capacity in its northern warehouse. In addition to finished items for export, the new warehouse will also be used for intermediate storage of empty containers. All export consignments will be prepared for shipment in the new storage facility. On average, four single and double-trailer rigs plus one to two con- Photo: suppl. Liebherr Photo: VOLVO-Presse DEGRADABLE tainers – in other words a gross weight of approx. 80 metric tons – can be handled every week. The northern warehouse is another systematic step in MOTOREX’s efforts to speed up deliveries to export customers even more. Operators who want to benefit from the brand-new VDS-3 standard for VOLVO commercial vehicles, which allows extended oil change intervals of up to 90,000 km or every 6 months, have to use a motor oil that has been approved for this standard. Packed with information: the new MOTOREX MOTO LINE catalogue MOTOREX has published a new and eye-catching 20-page catalogue presenting its MOTO LINE, a range known around the world from the race track. The catalogue not only includes all products from motor oil to gasoline additives, but also the most important POS material. The MOTO LINE catalogue is tringual (German, French and English) and presents the products and their benefits in a readerfriendly manner. Counting all items including sprays, cleaners and additives, there are well over 50 products for motorcycle professionals. In the last 10 years the MOTOREX MOTO LINE has grown steadily and today it is one of the most exported product lines from MOTOREX. Ask your MOTOREX partner now for your copy of this comprehensive catalogue! FOCUS 4 S SAE 10W/40 meets E7-04 and VOLVO VDS-3 requirements MOTOREX’s ground-breaking FOCUS 4 S SAE 10W/40 truck motor oil satisfies ACEA E7-04 and is thus ready for the very latest EURO 4 generation of engines. As a customer, rapid developments are no use to you if products don’t have the corresponding factory approval. MOTOREX FOCUS 4 S has VDS-3 approval from VOLVO! 5



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