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Industry Industry 7good

Industry Industry 7good reasons to use ORTHO NF-X Measurably lower tool costs (up to 12%) are a reality thanks to ultra-modern tools combined with ORTHO NF-X! 10 12 Red bronze parts consist of a malleable copper/zinc alloy. Here again ORTHO NF-X produces top-quality results. “Which machining center should we use to manufacture that part that’s just been ordered at short notice? It’s made of brass. No problem, but does the free center have the right cutting oil in it?” Production-planning issues like these are all too familiar. A short-turnaround order comes in and a suitable, free machining center has to be found somewhere in the factory… …and until now, the machining fluid in the center had to be factored in or even changed. You know why: until recently, not every cutting oil was suitable for machining different materials. But since the launch of MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X, this is a problem of the past. Whether for high-alloyed steel, nonferrous metals, aluminum or even castings, MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X is suitable for any material – with no compromises! Greatly improved flexibility Anyone who frequently manufactures series of parts from different materials knows the great advantage of needscentered machinery scheduling. MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X offers the following 7 top selling points: 1. Usable with all materials. 2. Optimum cutting rates with vmax technology, resulting in shorter workpiece times. 3. Reduced costs thanks to measurably higher tool life. 4. Low-odor, low-mist and no heavy metals or chlorine. 5. Workpieces can be quickly, easily and thoroughly cleaned. 6. New additive technology does not compromise paints, varnishes, sealing materials or non-ferrous metals. 7. Complies with the BOSCH and DaimlerChrysler negative lists as well as VDA guidelines. Ideal for medical technology manufacturing processes. These days customers’ deadlines are set in stone and play a major role in winning orders. The days when companies needed a bewildering array of different machining fluids are finally past! MOTOREX took the first step in the right direction with its vmax generation SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X universal cutting oil. Clear to see: the 7 good reasons Development activities for ORTHO NF-X focused on the desire for improved productivity, longer tool life and optimum machining results. And the product benefits should be clearly visible to the user. Liquid technology MOTOREX has been investing in researching and developing innovative cutting oils for over 30 years. A milestone was reached with the introduction of MOTOREX vmax technology (increased cutting rates). This technology makes specific use of the heat generated during machining and, at the maximum machining rate, has a positive effect on the machining process. The result is desirable chemical synergy effects and increased productivity, something that ORTHO NF-X achieves using a balanced additive package. Over a dozen active ingredients ensure measurably optimized cutting parameters and flawless surfaces. Good grades from users Modern machine tools pump up to 300 liters of cutting oil per minute through the machining area and sophisticated technology is making them ever more precise. Today it’s not uncommon to work in the micron range. It’s therefore perfectly understandable that some experienced small-parts turners might treat a universal cutting oil which is also suitable for highspeed machining with a certain degree of skepticism. These misgivings are unjustified though and are usually dispelled after the first test run with ORTHO NF-X at the latest. Then it becomes clear that ORTHO NF-X is a tried-and-tested fluid that perfectly meets user requirements. We’ll be pleased to give you further information on the new generation of ORTHO cutting oils, and recommend a real-life on-site test under the expert guidance of a MOTOREX industry specialist. Things often heat up at the “sharp end” with up to 300 liters of cutting oil flowing through the machining area every minute. Machine tools that use ORTHO NF-X can be deployed more flexibly. This ensures that production never has to face a red light. 13



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