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Motor oil Photo: Presse

Motor oil Photo: Presse AR/VW Motor Oil 8 HTHS [mPa·s] 2.9 – 3.5 2.9 3.5 ACEA 04: From Alfa to Volkswagen Sulfate ash ACEA 04 gasoline and light diesel C1-04 C2-04 A1-04/B1-04 A5-04/B5-04 C3-04 A3-04/B3-04 A3-04/B4-04 0.5 0.8 1.3 1.5 1.6 Sulfate ash (%) Viskosität bei 150°C und grosse Geschwindigkeit zwischen Kolben und Zylinder The stringent ACEA-04 specifications require an ever lower sulfate ash content in motor oil. MOTOREX’s handy oil bag with Velcro fixing ensures that engines are always filled with the right quality. With the introduction of the ACEA 04 sequences for gasoline and light diesel engines with and without diesel particle filters (DPF), it is more important than ever to choose the correct motor oil. But no matter how complex the subject seems, MOTOREX PROFILE V-XL – for all Volkswagens – and SELECT LA-X will see you through without a hitch. Automotive engineers have worked hard over recent years, continually bringing new technologies to market readiness. They have been especially successful in taming light diesel engines: smoother running, more power, higher torque – all with increasingly better fuel economy. At the same time, however, the limits for maximum pollutant emissions have become ever more stringent. The requirements of the new EURO 4 exhaust gas standard give motor oil a special significance in the reduction of pollutant emissions. Custom formulas With the introduction of the latest generation of engines, most major engine manufacturers are demanding custom motor oils that comply with their in-house specifications. This has frequently led to complications in car maintenance, as only a few motor oils have been officially approved by the manufacturers. The situation has since eased, but the complex specifications have not served to simplify lubricant logistics in the garages. MOTOREX has been fully aware of these needs for years. PROFILE V-XL SAE 5W/30 for gasoline and diesel engines with DPF VW Standard 504 00 / 507 00 This new high-tech motor oil with MOTOREX’s ground-breaking low-ash technology is ideal for all Volkswagen Group brands – VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda – that have to comply with specification VW 504 00/507 00 as well as ACEA standards A3/B4-04 and C3-04. In other words, this one motor oil meets all VW and Audi standards for automobile engines with catalytic converters, diesel particle filters (DPFs) and extended maintenance intervals. This not only simplifies work in the shop, but also offers additional advantages such as: – easy handling and stores management – state-of-the-art low-ash additive technology –reduced diesel particle emissions – extended particle filter service life – extended oil change intervals (long life) The innovative PROFILE V-XL SAE 5W/30 uses synthetic (synthetic performance) base oils and additives specially developed for this formula with an extremely low sulfate ash content (low-ash). Why Low-Ash Technology? Diesel engines with diesel particle filters (DPF) are highly sensitive to ash-forming additives in motor oils.The sulfate ash causes premature clogging of diesel filters and reduces their efficiency.The previously desirable and positive properties of sulfate ash (good lubrication characteristics, optimum wear protection, engine cleanliness etc.) were replaced by the newly developed low-ash technology from MOTOREX. Photo: Dr. M. Ebert,TU Darmstadt SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30: perfectly formulated for BMW LL-04 and MB 229.31 All engine manufacturers are constantly demanding high-capacity low-SAPS motor oils. MOTOREX is continuing the SELECT motor oils’ long-running success story with its SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 high-performance motor oil, the first low-ash motor oil that can be widely used in all passenger car engines with exhaust gas post-treatment systems such as catalytic converters and particle filters. SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 complies with ACEA C3-04/A3/B4-04, BMW LL-04 (backwards-compatible) and MB 229.31. The SELECT LA-X low-SAPS motor oil features such convincing properties as: – state-of-the-art low-SAPS technology –reduced diesel particle emissions Diesel soot agglomerate at 23,000 times magnification. A low-ash motor oil is required for modern diesel particle filters to function correctly. – extended particle filter service life –extended oil change intervals (long life) – low oil consumption Both PROFILE V-XL and SELECT LA-X have a viscosity of SAE 5W/30 and use a synthetic performance base oil with an optimized molecular structure and especially low evaporation loss (NOACK). The motor oil thus remains stable for longer even at extremely high temperatures and does not “disappear” through the crankcase breather. Depending on manufacturer specifications, which must always be observed, extended oil change intervals are also possible. Increased efficiency with fewer oil types With its two new low-ash motor oils, PROFILE V-XL and SELECT LA-X, MOTOREX has the solution for all costconscious business owners and for all automobile engines requiring an oil which meets the corresponding ACEA-04 specification. Any more questions about low-ash and ACEA-04? Your MOTOREX partner can quickly provide informative answers. Practical: The labels for MOTOREX PROFILE V-XL and SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 are in several languages. 9



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