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Highlight Photo: Presse

Highlight Photo: Presse BMW Motor Oil An immaculately cleaned and cared-for vehicle is always a good business card. In addition to holding value, it's also a sign of careful handling. And a lucrative additional business for you… The revs are heading for the redline, the oil temperature indicator has reached a new peak… 8 CLEAN & CARE: Higher gloss, higher sales The WHEEL CLEANER gel adheres well to the wheel and actively loosens dirt without using aggressive active agents. Marketing tip: Place displays with products where they can easily be seen and bought. A thorough “spring cleaning” of your car when winter is over is no luxury. Once salt and heavy dirt have been removed, the CLEAN & CARE line provides the right product for every area. In addition to such top sellers as INTERIOR CLEAN, GLASS CLEANER and WHEEL CLEANER, the MOTOREX CLEAN & CARE line boasts a further seven products. When a customer brings his car in for service, let him have it professionally cleaned with the proper CLEAN & CARE products for an all-inclusive price. You can suggest using the practical smaller containers and then let the customer take them home after you have cleaned his car. Proper care is known to be a hot topic, especially for owners of newer vehicles. GLASS CLEANER glass cleaner 25 l, 4 l, 500 ml spray bottle PLASTIC CARE plastic cleaner with color restoration 25 l, 4 l, 500 ml spray bottle INTERIOR CLEAN interior cleaner with scent absorber 25 l, 4 l, 500 ml spray bottle WASH & PEARL car wash concentrate with beading effect 25 l, 4 l, 1 l WASH & WAX car wash with wax seal 25 l, 4 l, 1 l DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE Or mention the correct wheel cleaner to them when they come for their spring tire change. Tough on dirt – easy on the environment Users often worry about the effectiveness of biodegradable products – but fast biodegradability does not mean less effective cleaning. Most of the maintenance products in the CLEAN & CARE line biodegrade to 83 – 90% within 28 days in accordance with the applicable standards. Yet another reason for the outstanding success of this Swiss maintenance line. Ask your MOTOREX partner for the CLEAN & CARE product flyer now. WHEEL CLEANER wheel cleaner with corrosion protection 25 l, 4 l, 500-ml spray bottle PRE CLEANER insect and tar remover 500 ml spray bottle PRO TEX textile and leather impregnation 500 ml spray bottle WIPE & CLEAN SUMMER highly concentrated windshield cleaner 250 ml refill bottle WIPE & CLEAN WINTER windshield cleaner with frost protection 2 l collapsing bottle DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE DEGRADABLE A motor oil puts on the pressure …and then the red oil lamp lights up: low oil pressure! This is almost always due to a low oil level or to a motor oil with insufficient reserves. Not just for extremes Anyone who drives a powerful, high-revving vehicle with a sporty turn places especially tough demands on the performance and reliability of their motor oil. Depending on the product, high operating temperatures in the engine can cause a significant fraction of the motor oil to evaporate after just a few hundred kilometers. The result can be critical oil consumption. Cam shafts, cylinder walls and all the other components in the engine are then no longer adequately supplied with the oil they need to survive. But aggressive stopand-go traffic, especially in the hot summer months, can also attack the motor oil. Fully synthetic and SAE 10W/60! The wear-protecting viscosity of the motor oil decreases as the engine temperature increases. For example, the oil loses nearly 15% of its viscosity if its temperature rises by just 10°C – i.e. the oil film becomes gradually thinner. With its XPERIENCE FS-X SAE 10W/60 motor oil – a totally new development – MOTOREX hands back a generous portion of reliable lubrication. With its new fully synthetic formula, XPERIENCE FS-X SAE 10W/60 builds up an especially thick lubricating film which stays extremely pressure resistant even when things start to get very hot. Since its viscosity is 70% higher than an SAE 10W/40 motor oil, it ensures reliable coating in all areas of the engine. The motor oil cannot seep into the combustion chamber via the cylinder walls or valve shafts. No limits Improved viscosity in the upper temperature ranges does not mean compromises in cold-weather operation though. The engine starts just as easily and reliably as with an SAE 10W/40 oil. All of the lube points are immediately supplied with oil, and the necessary oil pressure builds up extremely quickly. With its extremely wide temperature range, XPERIENCE FS-X SAE 10W/60 is therefore also suited to yearround use and guarantees high mechanical stability, thermal reliability and long service life. The fully synthetic MOTOREX XPERIENCE FS-X SAE 10W/60 is therefore the best choice for all engines in sporty cars. Viscosity [mm 2 /s] Viscosity/temperature behavior 13.8 24.2 5.5 100°C 150°C 9.2 Its optimum viscosity temperature behavior makes XPERIENCE FS-X SAE 10W/60 the product of choice evenat 150°C. Motor oil SAE 10W/40 XPERIENCE FS-X SAE 10W/60 9



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