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In Practice Photos:

In Practice Photos: supplied KTM In Practice Series-production motorcycles from KTM are factory-filled with high performance MOTOREX CROSS POWER 4T SAE 10W/50 motor oil. This motor oil served as the basis for development of the uncompromising racing motor oil KTM RACING 4T SAE 20W/60. Development report: KTM RACING 4T With MOTOREX CROSS POWER 4T, clutches can be precisely engaged and heavily loaded in the oil bath without slipping. The piston also still looked quite good after the test, with wear parameters within the applicable tolerances. The well-known Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has been working closely with MOTOREX for about 3 years now. In a first step, a specification for factory-filling series-production motorcycles was defined for each model, and the corresponding MOTOREX lubricants were evaluated minutely for their suitability, using the official API/ ACEA and JASO releases as a reliable basis. The result of this close cooperation was the fully synthetic CROSS POWER 4T SAE 10W/50, featuring a new formula and innovative additive technology. The KTM engineers’ response to this high performance motor oil was immediate and enthusiastic. A revealing comparison test However, a motorcycle manufacturer like KTM wants to be totally sure of its choice before it specifies and factory-fills a motor oil. MOTOREX CROSS POWER 4T SAE 10W/50 therefore had to be put to the acid test in a comparison with a competitor lubricant. The KTM and MOTOREX engineers were interested in real-life results as well as those from the test stand. In a rigorous field test, both lubricants with the same viscosity and with the same fully synthetic basic formula were run in series-production motorcycles and meticulously evaluated. It should be pointed out here that MOTOREX CROSS POWER 4T is optimally suited for all high-revving, hightorque 4-cycle motors with its extremely pressure-resistant and hence stable lubricant film. 100 hours on the test stand APL GmbH of Landau in Germany was selected as a neutral and independent development service provider for the test stand evaluation. This company has ultramodern dynamic engine test stands and top of the range instrumentation for wear and other laboratory investigations ( As the final test, two KTM 660 LC4 1-cylinder, 4-cycle engines with ratings of roughly 44 kW were to be tested in parallel on two engine test stands for 100 hours, at oil temperatures that exceeded 160°C at times. The only difference was the motor oil used: MOTOREX’s fully synthetic CROSS POWER 4T SAE 10W/50 in comparison with the motor oil supplied by the previous lubricant partner. Next target: motor sports CROSS POWER 4T’s impressive test results also highlighted MOTOREX’s potential as lubrication innovator to the decision makers in the KTM racing department. A purebred racing fluid was developed based on CROSS POWER 4T technology, but with uncompromising and consistent orientation to the requirements of the KTM racing department. The high viscosity class guarantees optimum oil distribution even in the temperature ranges typical in racing conditions. The additive package was also given a further shot in the arm. The uncompromising KTM RACING 4T SAE 20W/60 was born. The new KTM RACING 4T SAE 20W/60 motor oil, specifically tailored to the profile of KTM’s powerful 4-cycle racing engines was then adopted in the KTM racing department. With its slightly higher viscosity, KTM RACING 4T ideally covers the requirements of racing motors with outputs exceeding 105 kW/l with regard to the prevailing combustion and bearing pressures, as well as the extreme temperature loading of the motor oil. The verdict was unanimous at KTM Racing: KTM RACING 4T should be tested under real racing conditions in DAKAR 05! Outstanding test results for CROSS POWER 4T Trial by fire in the DAKAR 2005 KTM was well represented in this year’s Barcelona to Dakar rallye, since many of the 236 participating motorcycles were customer racing bikes. There were two official MOTOREX-KTM teams: The Red Bull KTM USA team with four riders and the MOTOREX Australia KTM team with two riders. Apart from the actual placings, the KTM and MOTOREX representatives were also interested this year in the results achieved with the newly developed MOTOREX KTM RACING 4T SAE 20W/60. Over the entire 8,956 km route, not a single one of the KTM 660 Rallye or 450 Rallye machines dropped out due to engine damage! Given the extreme conditions in Africa, this alone is a result which all involved can be proud of. KTM RACING 4T and other MOTOREX products are available worldwide through KTM’s dealer network. The APL test institute provided professional documentation of the test. Here is a brief summary of the results: • Both motor oils fulfilled the test requirements. • However, MOTOREX CROSS POWER 4T exhibited significantly better wear protection over its competitor.This could be clearly seen even with the naked eye in the contact conditions of the main bearing and the crankpin. • The quantity of fuel in the CROSS POWER 4T motor oil was significantly lower. This is a particularly important advantage for KTM LC4 engines, as it prevents hazardous dilution of the lubricant with gasoline. • CROSS POWER 4T also exhibited outstanding clutch behavior. • KTM therefore officially recommends CROSS POWER 4T SAE 10W/50 in its maintenance documents for all series-production KTM 4-cycle motors. Bearing wear was measurably lower with CROSS POWER 4T than with the competitor motor oil. The reliability of the many KTM machines participating in the Dakar 05 took several teams straight to the winners’ podium. 6 7 Photo: G. Soldano



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