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MOTOREX Magazine 2005 74 EN

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Box FIJIAN WARRIOR likes MOTOREX green Cool ideas Hans Appelgren is a die-hard MOTOREX fan – hardly surprising, since he's the MOTOREX importer for Australia, a country which covers no less than 7.7 million km 2 . Since hard-working importers also need a vacation now and then, Hans decided to take a trip to the Fiji islands. This group of 330 islands lies in the South Pacific and can be easily reached by plane from Australia in just a few hours. The larger islands are volcanic in origin and mountainous; the mountains on Viti Levu are up to 1,323 m high, for example. Apart from this, Fiji also offers coral islands and mangroves. Tropical rain forests lie to the windward side of the mountains, with savannas in their lee. The tropical-maritime climate lends itself to light clothing, and what could be better than a T’shirt from MOTOREX? This picture was taken at a native presentation for tourists. The man portraying the Fijian warrior also commented to Hans: “Nice green on your T-shirt!” Thanks for the compliment! good reasons for ORTHO NF-X ORTHO NF-X is suitable for all materials. MOTOREX v max-technology maximizes productivity by facilitating higher speeds and feeds. Measurably reduced tool costs and longer tool lives. 14 Do you know what... At first glance, there’s no direct relationship between MOTOREX industrial products and the globally successful newspaper. Or perhaps there is, as USA Today ® is one of 114 newspapers published by the Gannett media group. The presses used to print the group’s titles include the gigantic KBA-Colora 18-tower rotary press line that was recently delivered for “The Courier-Journal” in Louisville, Kentucky. KBA has been successfully using metalworking products from the MOTOREX SWISSLINE to manufacture the components for these high-capacity printing ...USA Today ® newspaper has to do with MOTOREX? presses at several of its factories. At the company’s Frankenthal site, around 1,350 employees assemble the world’s widest gravure equipment and high-capacity folders for all KBA rotogravure machines. KBA Colora Newspaper printers in particular have to be able to rely 100% on the production facility. KBA attaches great importance to quality, starting right at the beginning with the selection of the processing fluid. Very low odor and mist properties; contains no chlorine or heavy metals. Parts can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. The perfect combination of high-end additives and low ester base oil prevents undesirable reactions with machine paint, seals and nonferrous metals. Meets the strict guidelines from manufacturers as Bosch, DaimlerChrylser and others. Ideal for manufacturing implants in the medical industry. Try it now – you will be more than satisfied! AESCHLIMANN Werbekonzepte und PR GmbH, Bern



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