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Industry F A X R E P L Y

Industry F A X R E P L Y Telefax +41 (0)62 919 76 96 Company Name/first name Position As a result of the close cooperation between TORNOS and MOTOREX, a large number of real innovations have already been developed to date, and many interesting subject areas have been tackled. Would you like to learn more about a specific machining method and the products suited to it? This reader service will help you do this. Address Postal code/city Tel. E-mail MOTOREX Reader Service – Know-how on call MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL Reader service Postfach CH-4901 Langenthal Please send me information about the subject areas listed and the products used (please check appropriate boxes): Deco Magazine 12 Deco Magazine 13 Deco Magazine 15 Deco Magazine 16 Reader service: Know-how on call Portrait of Care tips for Intact, VOC-free Comparative test MOTOREX AG cooling lubricants corrosion protection ORTHO 400 cutting oil 10 12 There's an ideal processing fluid from MOTOREX for every production process – we know which one! Comprehensive laboratory services: An integral part of the MOTOREX product for better metalworking results. The correct machining fluid, be it cutting oil or cooling lubricant, is one of the main success factors in the production process along with the tools and the machine tool. The constant changes have not stopped at small parts turning, and only those who keep themselves up to date will be able to benefit from the advantages of the new technologies in practice. Valuable experience collected for you Experiences that you have had yourself often have a positive effect on the learning process. Unfortunately this often also means paying money for an apprenticeship. However, for a commercially aligned company this is nowadays out of the question. This is why it makes sense to learn from the experience of others. At the after-sales service of MOTOREX AG in Langenthal, customers' experiences are therefore recorded anonymously and matrices generated with basic preconditions and measures to be taken. The ever-growing knowledge base compiled in this way is used exclusively to develop products and processes. This means that the experts at MOTOREX can skillfully and rapidly assess and resolve recurrent situations. Many a technical challenge has already been overcome using the right product from MOTOREX. Versatile and interesting: The world of small parts turning Whether your questions deal with the professional care of cooling lubricants or the evaluation of the correct cutting oil for hard-metal machining, the versatile collection of topics will give an authoritative answer to one or other of your questions. Use the fax form on the opposite page and request a free copy, with no commitment on your part, of the article you are interested in, together with other valuable information. The experts at MOTOREX will also be pleased to help you with any other problems: MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL Lubrication technology Postfach CH-4901 Langenthal Tel. +41 (0)62 919 74 74 Fax +41 (0)62 919 76 96 or send us an e-mail: We look forward to hearing your questions! Deco Magazine 17 Deco Magazine 18 Deco Magazine 19 Deco Magazine 20 TOPTECH care MOTOREX SWISSCUT MOTOREX SWISSCOOL Machining titanium and maintenance units cutting oils cooling lubricants with ORTHO 300 Deco Magazine 21 Deco Magazine 22 Deco Magazine 23 Deco Magazine 24 Bringing multi-spindle The functions of The MOTOREX MOTOREX Process machines up to speed hydraulic fluid industrial concept Fluid Management Deco Magazine 25 Deco Magazine 26 Deco Magazine 27 Deco Magazine 28 Economical Detail: precise MOTOREX Universal cutting oil machining of castings thread whirling vmax-Technology MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X Deco Magazine 29 Deco Magazine 30 Noticeably reduce tooling costs High-precision reaming I would also be interested in the following topics: Please contact me. Please check desired language: German English French Italian Signature: 13



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