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What’s new Photos: WP suspension Moto Line Damping comfort and terrain feedback are two especially important issues for every motorcyclist, both on and off the road. A feature on the new MOTOREX fork oils. OEKOSYNT HEES – a better choice, naturally! Six right choices: low-friction fork oils 10 MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES successfully passed the rigorous 1,300-hour endurance test at Bosch Rexroth. OEKOSYNT HEES handles hard outdoor work while protecting humans and the environment. Photo: Bosch Rexroth Photo: supplied The quickly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluid also benefits companies with its high environmental compatibility and 3 to 5 times longer service life. Ecological and economical With the development of the new rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluids, development engineers and chemists have successfully overcome the challenge of uniting maximum environmental compatibility with long service life. Biodegradable within… If a lubricant escapes into the environment, it can serve as a source of nutrition to the OEKOSYNT HEES features the following properties: – Miscible with comparable products –3 to 5 times the service life of petroleum –Fully synthetic, with the latest additive technology – Extremely versatile –Official releases: Bosch Rexroth, DIN ISO 15 380 (HEES), etc. –Quickly biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 B – Oil analyses by the MOTOREX laboratory included Biodegradability in % 100 80 60 40 20 0 Biodegradability of hydraulic fluids HLP hydraulic fluid white oil vegetable oil millions of microorganisms that live in the ground and water. Ideally, the microbes will transform the lubricant into water and carbon dioxide. OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluids fulfill the toughest degradation test, OECD 301B, which requires a biodegradation rate of 60% within 28 days. A fluid that performs well in the laboratory also has to be just as good in real-life use, and OEKOSYNT HEES has given an impressive account of itself in extensive field testing. OEKOSYNT HEES is available in ISO VG 22, 32, 46 and 68 viscosities. OEKOSYNT HEES – naturally the better choice for your business! OEKOSYNT HEES Motorcycle fork technology has undergone significant advances in recent years and now provides impressive performance with all manner of refinements. However, these results depend not only on the basic fork design and settings, but also very greatly on the damping oil used. This has to flow lightning-fast through a complex system of valves and channels at all temperatures, withstand high pressure loads and still provide optimum lubrication. Low-friction technology for tangibly better driving comfort Particular attention was paid to ride comfort in the development of the new MOTOREX FORK OILS. On the one hand, damping entails the accommodation and softening of pressure in the form of impacts, shocks and wave-like frequencies, but on the other hand, the rider also needs to receive clear feedback on the current terrain condition. Under no circumstances can the piston rod be allowed to move jerkily in the damper (stick-slip). A newly developed, low-friction additive has led to never-before attainable damping properties. As a result of the outstanding temperature behavior of the base oil and the new additive package, the damping characteristic remains virtually constant even over a wide range of temperatures. This not only enhances driving pleasure, it also helps to increase driving safety enormously, both on the racetrack and on the road. Specially developed for modern motorcycle forks The new generation of MOTOREX FORK OILS is available in SAE 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W and 10W/30 viscosities. This fine subdivision of viscosity classes enables exact adherence to manufacturer specifications, as well as optimum tuning of damping properties to current terrain conditions, such as in off-road racing. In addition to these advantages of lowfriction technology, MOTOREX FORK OILS also offer highly effective protection against corrosion by condensate, are resistant to aging and prevent foaming even under extreme conditions. MOTOREX low-friction technology – the new standard in fork oils. With their extremely high viscosity indices, MOTOREX FORK OILS flow perfectly through the damper valves at all temperatures. A special maintenance additive keeps the seals supple, thus ensuring long service life of the entire damping unit. 11



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