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MOTOREX Magazine 2004 73 EN

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Editorial Contents

Editorial Contents Getting ahead means going over the top. The only way to do the impossible is to keep on going when others stop. And no matter where you want to go, the oil to get you Customer service by phone. Advice there is MOTOREX. ++41(0)62 919 75 75, Edy Bucher (1924) No responsibility is accepted for printing and problem solving also in German, errors or changes in the technical data. French and Italian. Cover picture: supplied Jaguar Concept Car 3 Dear readers, This edition of MOTOREX magazine features an interview with the charming and extremely talented young female racing driver Natacha Gachnang from Switzerland. Her garage-owner father and grandfather – both loyal MOTOREX customers for decades – have been involved in motor sport as a hobby for a long time, and now Natacha intends not only to continue the tradition, but to take it one step further by becoming a professional driver. Tradition is very important to us at MOTOREX. Whenever my father managed to further improve one of the formulas for our floor-care product range, he used to tell me proudly: “You never need to make the cheapest product, but you should always make the best possible.” This philosophy brought him success, and the REX brand became extremely popular. I followed his example and quickly came to see how correct and important this principle was in the development of our company and the MOTOREX brand. I am delighted to see that the third generation is still continuing a tradition that has served us well since 1917 – enthusiastically, without compromise and with total dedication. As the articles in this latest issue show, the demands placed on research and development are assuming gigantic proportions. Satisfying these demands while remaining true to our tradition is something that our workforce is both proud and happy to do. Photo: Corning Inc. USA PAGES 12/13 IMPRESSUM PAGES 6/7 Report She’s young, she’s fast, and she’s still the exception in the male-dominated world of professional motor racing. Natacha Gachnang in an exclusive interview with MOTOREX magazine. PAGE 8 What’s new New exhaust aftertreatment systems will be required in the EURO 4 generation of trucks.The motor oil used can play a key role in compliance. MOTOREX® and all employed product names are internationally protected trade marks. Industry Reaming yields outstanding surface qualities and significantly reduces machining costs. MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X makes it happen. Editor: BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL MOTOREX Lubrication CH-4901 Langenthal Tel. ++41 (0)62 919 75 75 Fax ++41 (0)62 919 75 95 MOTOREX NEWS 4/5 For bikes and motorcycles: HYDRAULIC FLUID 75 MOTOREX at EUROPEAN BIKE WEEK in Faak New racing motor oil: KTM RACING 4T SAE 20W/60 MOTOREX BIKE KIT: Professional maintenance Now that’s clean: MOTOREX MOTO CLEAN 900 Review of EUROBIKE and INTERMOT 04 Developed for racing: ATV QUAD RACING 4T SAE 10W/50 FDA guidelines in medical technology REPORT 6/7 Interview with Formula BMW driver Natacha Gachnang WHAT’S NEW 8 LowSAPS FOCUS 4 paves the way for the new Euro 4/5 standard MOTO LINE 9 Modern gasoline additives for motorcycles INSIDE 10 Spiegler Bremstechnik – from 100 to 0 km/h in a few meters MOTOR OIL 11 Tailor made: MOTOREX PROFILE M-LA SAE 5W/30 INDUSTRY 12/13 High-precision reaming with MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X BOX 14 Cool ideas Did you know…? Comic Design, redaction and art direction: AESCHLIMANN, Advertising Concepts and PR GmbH, Muri/Berne Translation: BMP Translations AG, Basel Graphics and prepress: Sicolith AG,Wabern Printing: Benteli Hallwag AG,Wabern Text contributions may be used when source is indicated.



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