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Cool ideas Box Wolf in

Cool ideas Box Wolf in MOTOREX clothing “Lupo” is the Italian word for wolf. A rather rare specimen of the species has been sighted in and around Langenthal and occasionally in French-speaking Switzerland over recent months. We’re talking of course about the LUPOREX – still a VW, but in unmistakable MOTOREX look. The MOTOREX drum mounted on the little green car is particularly eyecatching; like a rocket it juts jauntily into the air, attracting the attention of everyone who sees it. There is a downside to this promotional gimmick though: the aerodynamics have suffered a little and the car can no longer boast a fuel consumption figure of only 3 liters per 100 km. In fact, with the 200 liter drum whistling audibly in the wind, particularly on the motorway, fuel consumption jumps closer to 3 liters per 50 km! AESCHLIMANN Werbekonzepte, Muri b. Bern The vmax-Technology. Did you know that... ...even precision watches need lubrication? Behind a watch face countless moving parts are hard at work. The more complex Swiss-made quality movements often have up to 100 lubricating points. Suitable lubricants are applied for the first time when the watch is assembled. The oil used must comply with the watch manufacturers’ strict requirements in all respects. Thanks to their exemplary ageing behavior and flow properties in a precisely defined temperature range, MOTOREX watch lubricants have been the product of choice for many years now. And, of course, it is extremely important to use the right lubricant to maintain a watch. The quantities needed are minute: the average amount of lubricant used in a watch movement totals no more than half a milligram – or in other words, quality not quantity! Lubricating points •Optimized performance guaranteed 14 MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL Lubrication Technology CH-4901 Langenthal Tel. ++41 (0)62 919 74 74 Fax ++41 (0)62 919 76 96



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