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Inside Photos: Spiegler

Inside Photos: Spiegler Bremstechnik GmbH Motor oil With the slogan “There’s no stopping good ideas”, Spiegler Bremstechnik GmbH specializes in innovative product developments for brakes. Passenger cars with the latest Euro 4 diesel engines equipped with soot particle filters need new motor oils that are formulated to manufacturer specifications. From 100 to 0 km/h in a few meters Tailor-made: PROFILE M-LA SAE 5W/30 10 Spiegler’s success story started with Stahlflex brake lines, with its patented rotating fitting system Power to spare ensures safety – whether for racing or on the road, Spiegler brake calipers have up to 8 pistons. Good braking is half the race Until a few years ago, the emphasis was on the acceleration properties of vehicles with increasingly powerful engines. In the wake of this development, however, the braking power of a machine is also increasingly the subject of interest. Powerful brakes are an absolute must, not only on the road, but particularly on the racetrack. When it comes to brakes, Lothar Spiegler and his team are in their element. Success through innovative ideas Innovative and marketable ideas are the best foundation for the success of a company. Spiegler Bremstechnik’s success story began with an ingenious idea: In the late 1980s, Lothar Spiegler developed the now near-legendary Stahlflex brake line with its patented rotating fitting system for nearly all vehicles. One of the major advantages of the steel-braided brake lines over rubber hoses is that they do not expand under pressure, thus enabling more precise braking for the first time. With a growing number of skilled employees, the company has followed up this idea with innovative product developments that range from the patented 8-piston brake caliber to the unique brake disk overhaul service. From prototype to mass production The technical lead of Spiegler products is documented by numerous patents. With its ultramodern equipment and ISO 9001:2000 certification, this company can successfully take on any challenge in brake technology. It is also no surprise that Spiegler is a highly professional partner, especially in the bike industry and racing. These are also ideal conditions for the recently sealed technical cooperation agreement with MOTOREX. Also sought after as an original equipment manufacturer Spiegler has now become a brand name that is well known outside its native Germany for quality and professionalism in brake technology. In addition, Spiegler enjoys increasing popularity and rising demand worldwide, not only with dealers and motorcyclists, but also in industry, which is increasingly relying on the products from this Freiburg company in their standard equipment. The site for more powerful brakes: Once again, motor oil specifications have changed – from now on, motor oil also has to be totally compatible with the current generation of car diesel engines and their complex exhaust aftertreatment systems. This requires a drastic reduction in the use of ash-forming additives as well as additives containing sulfur and phosphorus (LowSAPS technology = Low Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur, see also p. 8). MB 229.31: starting August 2004 DaimlerChrysler’s specification MB 229.31 for diesel engines produced from August 2004 to fulfill the Euro 4 exhaust gas standard requires full compatibility of the motor oil with the exhaust gas aftertreatment system. Diesel Particle Filters (DPF), such as are used by Daimler- Chrysler, are highly sensitive to the SAPS previously contained in modern motor oil additives. New additives had to be developed within the shortest possible time to provide the desirable and proven properties formerly offered by these SAPS. MB 229.31 limits the fraction of sulfated ash to 0.8%, sulfur to 0.2% and phosphorus to as low as 0.08%. Working closely with the engine manufacturers and the petrochemical industry, MOTOREX has taken up this challenge and formulated its PROFILE M-LA SAE 5W/30 high-tech motor oil, which satisfies the requirements of MB 229.31 and is officially approved by DaimlerChrysler. The facts speak for themselves Tailor-made for the latest generation of DaimlerChrysler car diesel engines, MOTOREX PROFILE M-LA SAE 5W/30 provides convincing results by offering the highest possible compatibility with modern exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, guaranteeing their long service life. As is usual for MOTOREX, PROFILE M-LA also provides totally reliable lubrication under all conditions. With the use of synthetic base fluids (synthetic performance) with their especially low evaporation loss (NOACK value), both particulate emissions and oil consumption can be noticeably reduced. Today, mechanics can only play it safe by using motor oils which have been officially approved by engine manufacturers. Ask your MOTOREX partner about the latest innovations from MOTOREX. Photo: supplied DaimlerChrysler Motor oil as an engine construction factor: the current limits cannot be achieved without the proper motor oil. The Euro standard has drastically tightened emissions levels for diesel engines over the last 10 years. 11



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