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What’s new Inside of

What’s new Inside of ancillary equipment and they always guarantees a high shear stability, rapid distribution at low temperatures and high saying! to advise you. are right. At MOTOREX this goes without We are the company with the MOTOREX-green barrels. find their way even in rough terrain. 10 6 The United States is experiencing an We – the employees of MOTOREX – ATV (all-terrain vehicle) craze, with hold the fate of our group ATVs to be seen clambering over hills in our hands. The ten MOTOREX everywhere. MOTOREX’s ATV QUAD corporate values will be our guide 4T fills another market niche. as we head into the future. Four wheels better: MOTOREX ATV QUAD 4T Regardless of whether they’re a fashionable safety reserves. The high-quality base Shared determination: our ten MOTOREX corporate values: piece of sports gear or a trusty work components also afford lasting protection horse, ATVs – or quad bikes as they are against corrosion and oxidation to all • Our beliefs We want to be personal, correct, committed and remain unique as MOTOREX. also known – are essentially four-wheeled parts in the oil circuit. motorbikes. Designed as utility vehicles, • Maintaining our independence ATVs often have all-wheel drive and can Proud to be an independent family run Swiss company with strong, deep roots, we continue to live be fitted with a variety of implements. Optimum clutch behavior out the vision of our founders. We are dedicated to maintaining our autonomy. These practical all-rounders are often Heavily loaded wet clutches are extremely • Living out honesty and credibility used for work on rough terrain. However, unforgiving of suboptimal lubricants. In Our employees maintain honest and open relations with each other, with customers, with suppliers they also make ideal leisure-time vehicles ATVs, the engine, gearbox and clutch often and with everyone who is associated with our business. and can be tremendous free-time fun for all share the same oil, which means that the • Customers as employers one or two riders. fluid used has to be versatile. MOTOREX Customers are at the center of everything we think and do. We generate benefits for our customers ATV QUAD 4T offers by offering them Swiss-made quality products from Langenthal and good services. We aim to be Part of a happy life: a professional partner and to find solutions whenever we can. Thanks to top-quality basic ingredients, Commitment and mutual respect MOTOREX ATV QUAD 4T is also suitable Leading through experience •excellent protection against wear • Living out entrepreneurial leadership for workplace values. • optimum lubrication film at all for sporting applications. BUCHER MOTOREX has been producing motor oils since 1946 and, with this We live out what we demand of others and uphold our good reputation through integrity. temperatures Our employees act entrepreneurially and embrace responsibility. Complaints and problems are • high performance dealt with openly and rapidly. huge wealth of knowledge at its fingertips, • ideal coefficient of friction for wet knows just what is needed for various • Showing leadership clutches applications. MOTOREX ATV QUAD We are not content with what we have achieved because we can always improve. We strive • good cold-start behavior for long-term, healthy growth. Success makes our group attractive and secure for employees 4T, the company’s new semi-synthetic • outstanding sheer stability and business partners. four-stroke high-performance motor oil • JASO-MA-tested with its all-year SAE 10W/40 viscosity, • Encouraging innovation and creativity We thirst for action, and embrace chances and the opportunity to find new solutions or products. incorporates all MOTOREX’s profound We encourage our employees’ creativity and will continue to surprise with our innovations. expertise and many years of experience in Practical design motorbike applications – after all, it was MOTOREX’s innovative strength is eloquently expressed in its forward-looking • Social responsibility this combination that gave the engine As part of the global community, we take our social responsibility seriously. Our group is earningsfocused so that we can reinvest in sustainable development and secure jobs. lubricant the characteristic properties it 1-liter oil container with built-in filler. needs for use in ATVs. If you are a believer in high quality standards, • Shaping our environment you’ll find that MOTOREX has We support a liberal economy and uphold the democratic rule of law. Environmental protection is important to us, and we respect MOTOREX’s environmental policy. Formulated around a paraffin-based base just the right product for ATVs. oil combined with the latest generation of • Summary ATVs can be fitted with a wide variety additives, MOTOREX ATV QUAD 4T Your MOTOREX partner will be happy We all work in a good company and we’re proud of it! Hard work is not a burden if conditions Photos: AD Bachmann AG, KAWASAKI The BUCHER-MOTOREX group’s corporate philosophy 7



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