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Box Cool ideas You’re

Box Cool ideas You’re never too young to be a MOTOREX fan! Motorbikes and motorbike races are a national passion in Portugal, and everybody, no matter how young or old, wants to be involved. One such fan is 10-year-old Carla Francisco, the daughter of an enthusiastic MOTOREX dealer from Lisbon. Carla decided a pair of MOTOREX overalls was just the outfit to be seen in at last September’s motorbike Grand Prix at the Autodromo Fernanda Pires da Silva in Estoril. A clever choice, since her MOTOREX fashion statement made her easy to spot in the crowds and she could almost have passed for a member of the KTM Red Bull Road Racing Team! The MOTOREX magazine team would like to thank Carla and her father for sending in their original snapshot. The vmax technology. Do you have a snapshot for the MOTOREX magazine? Send the photo (in 300 dpi high resolution if it is in digital format) together with a short description to us at: BUCHER AG Langenthal, MOTOREX magazine, Postfach, CH-4901 Langenthal, Switzerland. Thank you! Did you know that... can even find MOTOREX on models? Now that a lifelike 1:12 scale model of the Yamaha Majesty is on the market, even motorbike modelers are familiar with the MOTOREX brand and its “Oil of Switzerland” slogan. The attractive MOTOREX-green model was launched by the well-known model manufacturer Aoshima. The idea for the model comes from the racing team of Daytona International Trading Corporation in Mori-Machi, the Japanese importer of MOTOREX’s MOTO LINE. The kit can be purchased from good model shops or – if you speak Japanese – directly from Daytona’s website at Good luck! • Optimized performance guaranteed 14 MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL Lubrication CH-4901 Langenthal Tel. ++41 (0)62 919 74 74 Fax ++41 (0)62 919 76 96



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