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Moto Line Pictures:

Moto Line Pictures: TwinAir ® Highlight In the motorcycle scene, TwinAir ® is the last word in foam air filters and their care. MOTOREX now offers biodegradable cleaning and care products for TwinAir ® . Alloy wheels dazzling in the sunlight are a sight to behold – if they’re really clean, that is. Residues like brake dust or road dirt need to be removed properly at regular intervals. Systematic air filter care After being left to lie in TwinAir ® Bio Dirt Remover for about 15 minutes, the air filter is thoroughly rinsed out with clear tap water. The cleaned and dried filter is then carefully dipped into the air filter oil and the excess oil is squeezed out. 10 8 TwinAir ® was founded more than 30 years ago. At that time, the standard-production paper filters that were being used on offroad motorcycles were simply unable to cope with Holland’s sandy terrain, and the increased engine wear showed it. After just 30 minutes the filters were clogged, and the race was over for some riders. Thanks to a special laminated foam, TwinAir ® soon conquered the air filter market, and it was not long before its specialist products had replaced conventional filters. The advantages of the new product were obvious: Because of the longer service life and the good airflow through the filters – means that there is extra engine power – plus the perfect filtering, TwinAir ® became a must on every racing bike. Proven 1000 times over... Today, TwinAir ® , together with the accompanying filter care program, is the world market leader in offroad air filters. All of the major motocross racing teams, such as American Honda and Suzuki, Kawasaki JdG, Yamaha Rinaldi, Berni Honda Racing, KTM Racing, and many more rely on the products from Veghel, Holland. ...and re-useable again and again. In contrast to paper filers, foam filters can be cleaned and reused. For this reason, MOTOREX has integrated the TwinAir ® - Bio Dirt Remover cleaner and the specially formulated TwinAir ® -Liquid Bio Power filter oil in its well known MOTO LINE. Filters that have been maintained using this system reliably bar any dirt, dust, sand and water from entering the engine. The TwinAir ® product range includes very efficient cleaning and care products and handy accessories such as convenient containers for cleaning and oiling the filters. Whenever you work with these products, be certain to follow the instructions for use on the back of the packaging. It is also a good idea to always wear rubber gloves and safety glasses. Biodegrades quickly DEGRADABLE Active ingredients that biodegrade quickly are ideal for efficient cleaning and protection. This makes especially good sense when products are often used outdoors and, by mishap, occasionally have a close encounter with the environment. All products are available in well-stocked motorcycle shops. For additional suppliers, see The final touch: WHEEL CLEANER Automobile manufacturers and trade associations agree that an overly aggressive active ingredient should never be used just for the sake of maximum cleanliness. It goes without saying that while modern wheel cleaners have to be efficient in how they clean, they must never attack the corrosion protection and coatings on the wheel and wheel nuts. Proper cleaning is important Spray MOTOREX WHEEL CLEANER directly onto the dirty wheel. Then leave it on the wheel for at least 5 and no more than 15 minutes. The active ingredient must not be allowed to dry in the sun. Especially dirty wheels can be cleaned with a suitable brush and WHEEL CLEANER. Then rinse off with plenty of clean water. High-pressure sprayers also work well for this job, but make certain that you use a low pressure setting or stand a good distance from the wheel. Wheels can also be thoroughly cleaned on the inside when changing between winter and summer tires. If you are storing wheels for the winter or summer, make certain that they stay dry. Efficient and gentle The newly formulated MOTOREX WHEEL CLEANER is intended mainly for the final user – automobile owners. Because of its optimal, gel-like viscosity, it adheres well to the wheel and doesn’t drip off, so that it has time to put its cleaning action to work. The resealable 500-ml spray applicator sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to store. For professional wheel cleaning in repair shops, etc., MOTOREX also offers a different product formulation. You can have clean wheels without poluting the environement – and our WHEEL CLEANER from the comprehensive MOTOREX CLEAN & CARE line of car care products proves it. Be sure to pass this information on to your next customer! Spray onto the entire wheel and leave for at least 5 but no more than 15 minutes. Use a suitable brush or sponge to remove sturdy dirt and grime together with the WHEEL CLEANER. High pressure sprayers should only be used at low pressure or a good distance from the wheel. 9



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