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News News Protection for textiles and leather There are always situations in which well impregnated textiles and leather surfaces are worth their weight in gold. hits the road A really important advancement was made at the start of this year’s racing season: KTM decided to enter the 125-cc road racing class. The team, which goes under the name of KTM Red Picture: O. Bergamaschi MOTOREX PRO TEX provides highly effective, long-lasting protection against water, dirt and oil. Simply spray it on from the generous 500-ml spray can to protect all fabrics and materials including your riding leathers, your convertible top, or even an umbrella. Once you’ve treated the articles with MOTOREX PRO TEX, dirt and soiled areas can be cleaned up easily and gently. Before you know it, the article is as clean as new. Try some now! Bull Road Racing Team, already has several races under its belt, and, under the leadership of Harald Bartol, is fighting hard to get championship points. The reigning world champion Arnaud Vincent (F) and his teammate Roberto Locatelli (I) had to get used to the new KTM racing bike from Mattighofen, but they were immediately thrilled by the technical innovations on the powerful RRF/2003. MOTOREX is supporting the team as a technical sponsor by providing racetested lubricants and power-packed know-how. Always essential: helmet and visor care Everyone’s out and about again: bikers... and those annoying insects! But MOTOREX knows how to deal with the swarming hordes. Use MOTOREX HELMET-CARE to quickly and gently remove even dried-on insects and hard-toshift dirt from your helmet. HELMET- CARE also brightens up colors and provides lasting protection for the helmet surface. Plus, this special foam also effectively cleans and deodorizes helmet liners. For cleaning sensitive visors, the MOTOREX product range includes its convenient VISO-CLEAN cleaning wipes. They’re handy to take along on trips to make sure your visor stays clear and free of smears and dirt build-up. MOTOREX wishes your customers safe and fun biking with HELMET-CARE and VISO-CLEAN! MOTOREX JET X-TREME BIO 2T: DEGRADABLE Fewer emissions for more jet ski enjoyment Achieving top performance in sport is always a major challenge for man and machine. With its ester-based JET X-TREME BIO 2T fully synthetic high-performance 2-stroke engine oil, MOTOREX is also leading the way in cutting exhaust emissions. The rapidly biodegradable lubricant is totally clean-burning, leaving no residue and producing very little smoke (JASO LOW SMOKE). Ultramodern additives guarantee effective protection against corrosive agents including salt water and when service lives are long or periods of usage short. MOTOREX JET X-TREME BIO 2T meets manufacturers’ latest specifications and is ideal for injection or premix lubrication in all jet skis. Free oil top-up when you buy a KTM MOTOREX’s international collaboration with KTM extends far beyond the confines of motor racing – it’s bringing benefits all the way down the line to the consumer too. Lucky buyers of a new KTM motorbike receive a voucher for a free top-up of the appropriate MOTOREX engine oil from the internationally renowned MOTO LINE. The vouchers can be exchanged at authorized KTM dealers. Owners of two-stroke bikes get a liter of MOTOREX CROSS POWER 2T, the fully synthetic high-performance twostroke oil, while for four-stroke engines there’s two liters of POWER SYNT SAE 10W50. So, after factory filling KTM bikes can keep running perfectly with MOTOREX. specimen MOTOREX SWISSLINE at KBA The German Koenig & Bauer Group is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of printing presses, with the broadest product range in the industry. Its parent company is Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA), which was founded in 1817 and operates a global network of companies in addition to several large production facilities in Germany. The core companies of the KBA Group employ around 7,400 people. The Group’s Frankenthal plant in Ludwigshafen am Rhein has recently started using products from MOTOREX’s successful SWISS- LINE range. Some 1,350 employees at Frankenthal build the world’s widest illustration rotogravure presses and high-speed folders for all KBA rotogravure machines. It just goes to prove that you can’t keep a company like MOTOREX out of the press! Neat and handy: the MOTOREX oil bag It’s always the right time to learn more about the MOTOREX oil bag. This handy oil bag is custom-designed to hold a MOTOREX 1-liter oil bottle with its built-in filler, plus an additional product such as MOTOREX WIPE & CLEAN concentrated windshield cleaner. Even though most motor oils can be mixed nowadays, it’s a good idea when topping up to pay attention to the grade of oil you’re using and any specific manufacturer’s approvals. Always think about topping up with MOTOREX, since this is the only way to guarantee that the complex oil formulation remains in proper balance. For extra-easy access, the oil bag is equipped with a full zipper. In addition, strong hook-and-loop closures ensure that the bag remains securely attached, even on winding roads. Your MOTOREX dealer can tell you more about the MOTOREX oil bag. BIKE LINE in World Cup races In the world of international road racing, the names of the Phonak Cycling Team’s top riders are ringing in everyone’s ears. The team’s technical partner is MOTOREX with its BIKE LINE. The team consists of 25 riders in the Swiss GS- I category. Top cyclists such as the 1998 world champion Oscar Camenzind (Switzerland), Alex Zülle (Switzerland), Benoît Salmon (France), Massimo Strazzer (Italy) and many others are guaranteed to make the 2003 season an exciting one. There have been a number of victories to celebrate and new challenges for lubrication technology to overcome since the compre- hensive on-road and mountain bike product range was introduced in 1999. Whether on or off the road, in international competition or on a Sunday afternoon pleasure outing, the MOTOREX BIKE LINE has the right solution for cyclists everywhere. And what’s more, most of the active constituents are rapidly biodegradable under current CEC and OECD standards. Find out more about the team at and 4 5



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