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Box Cool ideas Full steam ahead for 241-A-65 and MOTOREX For three years Switzerland has been home to Europe’s largest operational steam locomotive, a French express engine whose number – 241-A-65 – has also become its name. It was built in 1931 and was rescued by a Swiss team when it was withdrawn from service. The loco is now based in Burgdorf near Berne. Following extensive restoration in Germany, 241-A-65 was steamed for the first time in 32 years in autumn 1997. With a full head of steam and its tender coupled up, the 9-axle giant weighs in at around 200 tonnes and measures an impressive 25.96 meters. This 3,500 hp museum piece is kept in perfect running order by the dedicated enthusiasts of the 241-A-65 association. And, as you know, MOTOREX has the right solution for every lubrication need! Further information at Picture: A. Schmutz,Worblaufen The vmax technology. Do you have a snapshot for the MOTOREX magazine? Send the photo (in 300 dpi high resolution if it is in digital format) together with a short description to us at: BUCHER AG Langenthal, MOTOREX magazine, Postfach, CH-4901 Langenthal, Switzerland. Thank you! ! Did you know that... ...even Dominican racers rely on MOTOREX? 28-year-old Franklin Dominguez (with the white hat) from the Dominican Republic is a former children’s and AA-league baseball player who learned to ride a motorcycle at the tender age of eight. He first started road racing in 1999 with the support of his father, famous local motorcycle mechanic and ex-racer Montolino Dominguez, and George Butler of MOTOBUTLER, a keen motorcyclist and MOTOREX’s exclusive distributor in the Dominican Republic. Butler has been running a road-racing team since 1994. “MOTOREX is the only oil I can trust”, says Franklin, who is chief mechanic at MOTOBUTLER and also chief mechanic of the MOTOBUTLER/ MOTOACCION/MOTOREX racing team, which presently has 5 riders. “I’ve tested over 30 different oil brands for road and race applications, and MOTOREX is the only one to deliver the protection that today’s high-tech motorcycles with their high-revving engines need.” We wish Franklin Dominguez all the best in his quest for the Superbike title! • Optimized performance guaranteed 14 MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL Lubrication CH-4901 Langenthal Tel. ++41 (0)62 919 74 74 Fax ++41 (0)62 919 76 96



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