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Export Export 10 In Sweden as elsewhere, mobility is an essential part of modern life, so it’s not surprising that the Swedes are often on the move, either on or off the road. MOTOREX, with its MOTO, ARCTIC, and BIKE LINES, is an ideal travelling companion. Company founder and 4-time World Champion Torsten Hallman on a 400-cc Husqvarna in 1972. A key to successful distribution: Hallman and Scott’s comprehensive catalogues are produced annually. Heja MOTOREX! In Sweden there are countless of ways to get about. Off-road and highway motorcycles are popular, as are snowmobiles and, in summer, mountain bikes. Sweden has nearly 100,000 km of highways, and is one of the most heavily forested countries in Europe. Only 9% of Sweden’s entire land mass is used for agriculture. Leading industrial sectors are steel, paper, textiles and, of course, the automotive industry. While Volvo is now a Ford subsidiary, the marque “Volvo” (Latin for “I roll”) still stands for outstandingly safe transportation with an unmistakable style. With a land mass of 449,964 km 2 Sweden is roughly 10times larger than Switzerland. A strong partner in the Far North MOTOREX was fortunate in its choice of importers: Scott Svenska AB is responsible for the MOTOREX MOTO and ARCTIC LINES. Hallman Sports AB is responsible for the MOTOREX BIKE LINE. It's an especially good mix, since both companies are real pros in their markets and their customer bases have been growing for decades. In addition, both companies are members of the Hallman Group, which in turn belongs to Eneqvistbolagen AB, which is publicly traded on the Stockholm stock exchange. Being members of the same group, both companies are able to exploit many positive synergies in marketing, logistics and administration. The two MOTOREX importers are based in a state-of-the-art office complex in Uppsala. In addition to modern office facilities, the location provides over 5,000 m 2 floor space with an automated warehouse, various showrooms and training rooms, all available around the clock. Scott Svenska AB Scott is a familiar brand name throughout the world and, as a wholesaler, markets products in three different areas: •SCOTT winter products – goggles, skis, poles, snowboards etc. • SCOTT bikes and biking accessories • Hallman Motosport – motorcycle accessories and equipment The products are imported, stored and distributed to retailers in the cycle, sports and motorcycle trades. Retailers are found all over Sweden, and the products are sold through field salesmen and participation in various trade fairs around the country. The company’s business goal is the longterm and profitable marketing of highquality and image sports products to the leisure trade. This is accomplished by creating trust among our customers through high competence and service levels. Hallman Motosports products were first developed in the mid-1960s when fourtime World Champion Torsten Hallman designed the first products for motocross riders. The Hallman Motosport product line includes everything from clothes and accessories for road racing to exclusive import of about a dozen well known brand names in the motorcycle trade. The MOTOREX MOTO and ARCTIC LINES are perfect additions to Scott Svenska’s product range. Today, the comprehensive range of MOTOREX lubrication and vehicle care products is an important sales generator. Hallman Sports AB Hallman Sports AB is a distribution company with its own agencies for cycling accessories and equipment for the bicycle trade. The company is the exclusive importer of a number of brand name products from leading manufacturers in the cycling trade, such as Shimano bicycle components and many others. Shimano is Hallman Sports’ major brand, which it has been distributing in Sweden since 1991. Shimano components are fitted as OEM parts on most bicycle brands. In the autumn of 2000, Hallman Sports AB was granted the distribution rights for Shimano in Finland, and, in the spring of 2002, in Norway too. Hallman Sports AB currently operates in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Hallman Sports OY is located in Turku and has a showroom in Helsinki. The Norwegian operation is a branch office of Hallman Sports AB and has offices and a showroom in Oslo. Thus the MOTOREX BIKE LINE is being distributed in Finland and Norway as well as Sweden. Administration and storage are handled in Sweden, and the products are distributed from there to retailers in all three countries. The company has its own travelling sales staff for the respective markets. Active marketing to retailers using product presentations, catalogues, website, service courses and training has made the company the leader in the Nordic market. Colder than cold As a leading Swiss manufacturer of lubrication and care/cleaning products, MOTOREX has an in-depth understanding of the thermal loads to which components that need to be lubricated are exposed. This is an advantage that is fully utilized in product development and has been repeatedly tested under the toughest service conditions, even in the Far North. Of course, winter temperatures in Switzerland hardly compare with those in Sweden, which often fall to below –40°C. But even these temperatures can be duplicated in the freezers at the Research and Development department in Langenthal! With its ARCTIC LINE, MOTOREX demonstrates its lubrication know-how under extreme service conditions. Hallman Sports AB actively supports talented Swedish mountain bikers, which helps to ensure good awareness of the MOTOREX BIKE LINE. The elk is the symbol of Sweden – and it also lends its name to the familiar avoidance maneuver, the so-called elk test. 11



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