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Y achting Y achting 10 8

Y achting Y achting 10 8 Large, 50-foot and longer sailing yachts are quite common on the oceans. As ships get bigger, so do the crews. However, a clever on-board hydraulic system can take the place of crew members. Hydraulic unit with aluminum oil tank, two pump groups and several valve control blocks. The skipper can operate the hydraulically driven bow and stern thrusters using a joystick. Picture: Maag Technic AG, Dübendorf Picture: Diport AG, Uster Hydraulics oust muscle power If you have ever been sailing, you know the problem only too well. When a ship is undermanned, you have to do your best to be in two places at the same time – which can get hectic. Without an adequately sized crew, the dream of a large ship usually remains unrealized. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as there are ways of making up for a shortage of manpower. A hydraulic system can easily replace half a dozen strong pairs of hands. 36 hydraulic functions... Diport AG, which is based in Uster, near Zurich, specializes in hydraulic systems custom-designed to take the work out of yachting. For 20 years now the company has built bespoke hydraulic systems that allow owners to sail large yachts without a large crew. These versatile hydraulic systems have been fitted to a large number of well-known yachts. They are usually powered by a marine diesel engine and, being modular, can be expanded whenever the skipper wants. Hydraulic master works Once the project development phase has been completed, the customized, individual components are ordered from the specialist supplier. The central component of the whole system is the hydraulic unit. Its design varies with the type of ship, but it generally consists of two pump groups and several valve control blocks. The aluminum or stainless steel oil container is often custom built to suit the space available. Depending on the model, the hydraulic unit can feed several consumers simultaneously. It can operate the foresail, the mainsail, the anchor winch, and raise and lower the keel. Even joysticks have their place in the world of sailing yachts. Hydraulically driven bow and stern thrusters allow the ship to be turned smoothly and with great precision. Not only does this make steering a much more pleasant task, it also reduces the risk of scraping against the quay wall. MOTOREX OEKOSYNT bio hydraulic fluid MOTOREX OEKOSYNT is biodegradable, fully synthetic and ideal for marine use. This high-quality hydraulic fluid has proven itself over many years, particularly for outdoor applications where the environmental consequences of any oil spillage are kept to a minimum. Indeed, it is a legal requirement that biodegradable hydraulic fluids be used on lakes in various countries worldwide. Thanks to the use of the latest fully synthetic ester base stocks and carefully matched additives, OEKOSYNT solves even the most difficult lubricating problem reliably and consistently. MOTOREX OEKOSYNT 2246 (ISO 22 – 46) and 3268 (ISO 32 – 68) multigrade hydraulic oils meet the specification requirements of the leading manufacturers with plenty of margin to spare. Highly favorable viscositytemperature properties ensure that the hydraulic fluid never becomes too thick, even when temperatures are very low. This guarantees that hydraulic systems can be started and put into service quickly and safely. OEKOSYNT also retains its viscosity well at high temperatures, ensuring controllable power transmission and safe lubrication of the sensitive hydraulic components. All surfaces coated with the hydraulic fluid are effectively protected against corrosion and the fluid itself is oxidation resistant with outstanding age stability. About biodegradability: Incidentally, biodegradability is the capacity of a substance to change to carbon dioxide and water through the action of natural microorganisms present in the water, the air and the soil.MOTOREX OEKOSYNT’s rate of biological decomposition according to the CEC-L-33-A-93 method is as high as 90% within 21 days. You will find more marine lubricants and care products in the MOTOREX MARINE LINE. Hydraulics on board? Ship ahoy! Picture: Diport AG, Uster Picture: Diport AG, Uster Picture: Diport AG, Uster Retractable bow and stern thrusters are used to elegantly maneuver yachts sideways. The keel (lower center of the ship’s hull) can be raised and lowered to any position as required. Even the mighty anchor can be weighed at the touch of a button – the on-board hydraulics make it all possible. 9



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