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MOTOREX Magazine 2003 68 EN

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What’s new All pictures: ROTAX RM1 What’s new What began as a simple lawnmower engine on a home-built chassis has developed into one of the technologically most interesting leisure racing sports – karting. Developed for karting The MOTOREX KART LINE is a comprehensive line of products that includes everything from racing motor oil to brake fluid for every kart and engine type. The advanced technology of KART LINE products is the perfect answer to situations where maximum power is the norm. KART LUBE RACING 2T 6 Karting at the limit! The ROTAX 125 MAX DD2 is the most powerful and technically advanced of all the MAX line of engines. MOTOREX BRAKE FLUID helps the 4-disk MAGURA brake system achieve its tremendous bite. Different kart drivers approach their sport in different ways. Some like to drive competitively, while others are simply in it for the fun. There are also divided camps when it comes to engines – the 2-stroke die-hards and the 4-stroke innovators. However, when it comes to getting maximum power from the small engine capacities prescribed by the race class rules, 2- stroke designs still have the advantage. MOTOREX has been part of the karting scene for years now and markets a complete range of products under its KART LINE brand. For the sport’s ace drivers MOTOREX has developed the KART LUBE RACING fully synthetic racing oil in collaboration with BOMBARDIER- ROTAX. Close cooperation with ROTAX BOMBARDIER-ROTAX has been involved in the development and manufacture of engines for kart racing since the 1980’s. In 1997, with a newly developed engine, it entered a new market segment – recreational karting. The company’s innovative solutions set new standards in performance, reliability, user-friendliness and exhaust noise and gas emissions. To ensure consistent performance, only complete systems are offered with carefully tuned engine, fuel/air mixture, exhaust and cooling systems; ready-to-drive go-karts in other words. Shifting gears at 12,200 rpm Thanks to the built-in starter, the centrifugal clutch and the solid Formula 1 gear shift paddle on the steering wheel, starting up and moving off in the ROTAX RM 1 cart is pure pleasure. Once warm, the ROTAX 125 MAX DD2 125 cc, 2-stroke machine delivers an unbelievable driving experience. At 12,200 rpm, a red LED lets the driver know that it’s time to shift up to second. Thanks to ESA (Electronic Shifting Assistance) shifting is accomplished in less than 0.06 seconds under full load. A quick burst on the throttle and the RM1 storms up to the first curve. A carefully timed jab on the brakes, a down-shift, and then more pressure on the 4-disk brakes. Perfect weight distribution and a low center of gravity means that the kart sits perfectly on the track. Even when accelerating out of corners, the RM1 maintains a leech-like grip. The LED lights up – another gear shift – and on to the next curve... Anyone who can coax 28.5 bhp out of just 124.8 cc understands about high-performance engines and uses state-of-the-art technology. This water-cooled and diaphragm-controlled 2-stroke is fitted with a pneumatically operated outlet control valve, providing optimum combustion and extra power. The MOTOREX KART LINE KART LUBE RACING 2T KART LUBE 2T Castor KART CHAINLUBE POWER BRAKE CLEAN BRAKE FLUIDS DOT 4 & 5.1 PROTECT & SHINE HELMET CARE JOKER 440 2T engine oil for racing 2T engine oil for sports chain spray brake cleaning spray brake fluids protective spray polish helmet cleaner hi-tech universal spray The KART LUBE RACING 2-stroke motor oil is a design masterpiece aimed directly at the highest echelons in kart racing. Developed specifically for the racing community, this fully synthetic motor oil is recommended for all highly stressed racing engines. It is the official oil of the ROTAX MAX Challenge, providing a tough film that performs even under extreme loads and temperatures. Combustion is very low in smoke and residue-free. KART LUBE 2T Castor Ideally suited for sports engines up to 100 cc is our MOTOREX KART LUBE 2T Castor, based on natural castor oil. The excellent lubricating properties of the base oil together with a well-balanced selection of additives makes it a very popular choice. The MOTOREX data sheet and the engine manufacturer’s operating instructions provide details of recommended mixtures. If you’re unfamiliar with the MOTOREX KART LINE and the ROTAX RM 1 kart, we recommend both without hesitation. For information on sales outlets and much more, please visit: and Have fun! Just like its larger brothers from Formula 1 – the easy to handle steering wheel with gearshift paddle for 1st and 2nd gears. Flexible wheel deflectors reduce the risk of accidents and keep costs down for young drivers. The KART LINE has been designed to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality care and maintenance products for go-karts. 7



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