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News News Super effective: REX REINIGER PLUS Cleaning chains and other parts are hardly a cyclist’s favorite activities. To bring a gleam to cleaned parts and a smile to users’ faces, MOTOREX at KTM sales outlets MOTOREX is therefore adding the super-effective REX REINIGER PLUS to its BIKE LINE. REX REINIGER PLUS is ideal for degreasing chains, sprockets, derailleurs, etc. and has been specially developed for use in chain cleaners. It leaves no residues, but MOTOREX DRY or WET LUBE has to be applied to the cleaned parts straight away. This is the only way of guaranteeing protection against corrosion and problem-free operation. The chain cleaner and 500 ml bottle of REX REINIGER PLUS shown here are available from MOTOREX GREEN GREASE 4000: Head for open country! Rapidly biodegradable greases are becoming increasingly popular in machines and vehicles that are used in the open countryside. One such example is MOTOREX’s GREEN GREASE 4000 fully synthetic universal grease, which is extremely temperature-stable, pressure-resistant, wear-reducing and also water-resistant. It remains fluid even at low temperatures and is therefore ideal for automatic chassis lubrication systems that require NLGI 2 greases. DEGRADABLE 4 Collaboration with KTM is having a visible impact. In future MOTOREX’s MOTO LINE will be on sale at official Successful Free Bike of Mulhouse YAMAHA only – that’s the credo of Pierre Libe and his staff of 25 motor bike professionals at Free Bike in Mulhouse (France). Ever since Free Bike was set up in 1986 its owner, Pierre Libe, himself a familiar name in motorbike circles (he won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1991), has stocked nothing but YAMAHA bikes and scooters. As one of the five best brand representatives in the whole of France he sold no less than 1,500 units last year. Visitors to the company’s new, 1,980 m 2 display building are transported into a motorcycle paradise. Free Bike has opted for the state-of-the-art MOTO KTM brand representatives throughout the world. The KTM representatives will be supplied by MOTOREX’s-national sales partners. KTM dealers will be able to display the MOTOREX products on the familiar MOTO LINE sales stands or on a MOTOREX rack from the KTM Shop system. KTM customers can now buy recommended lubricants and care products “Swiss made by MOTOREX” direct from official KTM dealers. LINE range. Its opinion of MOTOREX? “Total satisfaction!” WP Suspension chooses MOTOREX For almost 25 years now, Netherlandsbased WP Suspension has been developing advanced suspension products to satisfy the demands of motorcyclists worldwide. Various motorcycle manufacturers, including KTM, Husaberg, BMW, MZ, Gas Gas and CCM, use WP Suspension products on their motorcycles. In addition to the OEM market, WP Suspension has developed an “after market” segment with superior-quality shock absorbers, front forks, steering dampers and replacement springs. WP Suspension and MOTOREX got to know each other on the international motor racing circuit. And, since anything that performs well in a race A look-back at the 73rd Geneva Motor Show At the beginning of March the automotive world came together for the 73rd Geneva Motor Show. In attendance once again was BUCHER AG with the MOTOREX CAR LINE. Designed to resemble the headquarter building in Langenthal, the company’s exhibit was once again a two-story environment is perfect for standard factory specifications, WP Suspension has recently started using MOTOREX FORK OIL and SHOCK OIL. construction and featured a striking high-tech glass dome. Visitors to the exhibit were treated to an impressive display of MOTOREX’s core competencies in lubrication technology. We would like to thank all of you who came to visit us in Geneva. ISO 9001, rev. 2000 recertification It was with visible satisfaction that the auditors of the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) informed the BUCHER MOTOREX Group companies at the beginning of this year that they had successfully passed the recertification audit. BUCHER AG and MOTOREX AG were first certified to ISO 9001 exactly ten years ago. The recent recertification demonstrates that MOTOREX complies fully with the strict ISO 9001 quality requirements. And if an error should creep into the system somewhere, it is recorded, logged and evaluated. This means that you, our customers, can confidently rely on outstanding MOTOREX quality every time you buy one of our products! 5



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